Sweet little things

I have a confession to make. I love chotchkies! I can’t stand clutter, but really I love little things that are rich with charm, character, and history. Everyone has small mementos, items that would seem insignificant to a stranger, but are invaluable to their owner.

Here are a few little things that I choose to surround myself with…

Three Little Wooden Ladies
I was very fortunate to grow up with my Great-Grandmother. I spent quite a lot of time at her house and have beautiful memories of her.gmangels She passed away at the age of 106, in her sleep, surrounded by family. I was in college at the time and flew home on a whim. I’m so glad that I was able to be there to say goodbye to her.
These three little wooden figures sat on a TV in her sitting room. (Wouldn’t it be delightful to have a designated sitting room?) My Mom remembers playing with these when she was a little girl and so do I. While the angelsadults chatted, I’d sit quietly and assign characteristics and of course names to these little wooden ladies. They are the only thing of my Great-Grandma’s that I asked for after she passed. I keep them in a special little place on my vanity where I see them daily. They are a delightful memory of my Great-Grandmother and of my childhood.

Tree of life pendants
One of my favorite artists is Gustav Klimt. The trees on these pendants mirror the trees in his paintings. The larger pendant treebelongs to my Mom and the smaller one is mine. We randomly found these at a quaint little bead store along the California coast. They aren’t made of valuable material and cost us less than $2 a piece. We both get a thrill out of little roadside shops and quirky places. I love that these are simple enough for everyday use. They remind me of my little weekend adventures with my Mama.

Pressed Tulip Petals
I love flowers and I’m sure you can tell by my user name that I love tulips. Roses are common flower given out on Valentine’s Day. Roses are also one of the flowers I prefer growing in a garden to being in a vase. I was so impressed 2lipswith my boyfriend when he brought me tulips for our first Valentine’s Day together. He didn’t know my taste in flowers yet and that made them all the sweeter. I honestly would have swooned over garden weeds. The lighter petals are from our first Valentine’s Day together and the darker ones from the following year. Tulips are a tricky flower to dry, so I pressed these delicate petals. Pressing flowers makes me feel like I’m in a Jane Austen novel. I’m a romantic at heart and these remind me of my love.

What tiny treasures do you have?
Love & light ~ Meagan


2 responses to “Sweet little things

  1. Anna GIllespie

    I’m writing a story and i was curious to know what you think about the main characters name. Amelia, William, Ben,Taylor, and Gwen.

    • Great names! Ben & Gwen rhyme, I don’t know if that bothers you or if they interact much, or if you want them to rhyme – like Quinn & Finn from Glee 🙂 Good lucky with your story!! ❤

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