Same name – different country: Lily, Henry, Sophia, & Luke

Just in case you’re new to my blog, Hello! “Same name- different country” is a little on-going series in which I explore international variations of names.

Today’s names are – Lily, Henry, Sophia, and Luke.


An English flower name.
Lily is the #16 name for girls in the United States.

A few variations of Lily include:
Liana – Portuguese
Lileas – Scottish
Lílian – Brazilian Portuguese
Liliána – Hungarian
Liliana – Romanian & Spanish
Liliane- French
Lilias – Scottish
Lilly – Danish & Sweedish

Which is your favorite variation of Lily?
I like the look of the French Liliane. One of my favorite names for girls is Lillian. I love the idea of using Lillie as a nickname for Lillian.

A German name meaning “estate or home ruler”.
Henry is currently #43 in the United States.

A few variations of Henry include:
Américo – Portuguese & Spanish
Amerigo – Italian
Anraí – Irish
Arrigo – Italian
Eanraig – Scottish
Einrí – Irish
Émeric – French
Emmerich – German
Endika – Basque
Enric – Catalan
Enrico – Italian
Enrique – Spanish
Enzo – French & Italian
Harri – Finnish & Welsh
Heike – Ducth
Heiner – German
Heinrich – German
Heinz – German
Henning – Danish, German, Norwegian, & Swedish
Hendrik – Dutch, Estonian, & German
Hendry – Scottish
Henri – Finnish & French
Henrich – German & Slovak
Henricus – Dutch & German
Henrik – Armenian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, & Swedish
Henrikas – Lithuanian
Henrikki – Finish
Henrique – Portuguese
Henryk – Polish
Imre – Hungarian
Imrich – Slovak
Imrus – Hungarian
Jindřich – Czech
Rico – Italian

So many takes on Henry!
Which is your favorite variation of Henry?
I think Hendry is a fun alternative to Henry. Emmerich is also pretty cool.

A Greek name, Sophia is the #1 in the United States and means “wisdom”.
I know quite a few little Sophia’s & Sophie’s!

A few variations of Sophia include:
Sofia – Catalan, Estonian, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, & Swedish
Sofía – Spanish
Sofie – Czech, Danish, & Dutch
Sofija – Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, &Serbian
Sofiya – Bulgarian, Russian, & Ukrainian
Sohvi – Finnish
Sophie – Dutch &French
Soňa – Czech & Slovak
Sonia – Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, & Spanish
Sonja – Croatian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Serbian, & Swedish
Sonya – Russian
Vivi – Danish, Norwegian, & Swedish
Zofia – Polish
Žofia – Slovak
Žofie – Czech
Zosia – Polish
Zsófia – Hungarian
Zsófika – Hungarian

Which is your favorite variation of Sophia?
I like Sophie best. I think it has a soft and youthful feel.
I do think Vivi is pretty cute, although it does sound a bit more usable as a nickname to me.

A Greek and Biblical name, Luke means from Lucania, Italy.
Currently # 37 in the United States, slightly less popular than Lucas, which holds the #27 spot.

A few variations of Luke include:
Lluc – Catalan
Loukas – Biblical Greek
Luc – French
Luca – Italian & Romanian
Lucas – Biblical Latin, Dutch, French, Portuguese, & Spanish
Lúcás – Irish
Luka – Croatian, German, Russian, & Serbian
Lukács – Hungarian
Lukas – Danish, German, Lithuanian, Norwegian, & Swedish
Lukáš – Czech & Slovak
Łukasz – Polish
Luuk – Dutch
Luukas – Finnish

Which is your favorite variation of Luke?
It’s wildly hard for me to choose! Luke has long been one of, if not my favorite names for boys. I think it sounds really lovely in many languages. I adore Luke and Lucas, but there is something so romantic about Luca.

4 responses to “Same name – different country: Lily, Henry, Sophia, & Luke

  1. Great post! 🙂

    Little friendly “alert”…
    Polish variant of Sophia is Zofia. Zosia is diminutive form of Zofia.

    Oh, and Polish variant of Lily is Lilia. There are also Liliana and Lilianna (they are actually more popular than Lilia).

  2. my favorite variant of Lily is the Lilly spelling, it’s the one I automatically write.
    I LOVE Emeric/Emmerich and Henrik 🙂
    I can never decide is I like the Sofia or Sophia spelling better but the nickname Sofie/Sophie is really cute. too bad it’s SO popular!
    I love Lukas but it’s so popular in Europe! I love Lukas/Lucas/Loukas, Luca/Luka and Luc/Luke. I know a little baby named Loukas who has a big brother name Leonidas “Leo”. so sweet! 🙂
    I love these posts, by the way 🙂

  3. Awe Loukas & Leonidas are precious! I’m addicted to the name Luke/Lucas in any form. I love how it sounds in so many languages! I could see you using Emeric/Emmerich!!

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