Sib Sets from my favorite names

Many of my favorite names are very similar to one another. For example, Emilia and Emmeline. When I do start a family, I’ll have to decide between similar names. Here are some fictitious/potential sibling sets using some of my favorite names.

Two Sisters:

Set 1: Emilia & Lillian – “Emmie” & “Lillie”

Set 2: Lydia & Emmeline – “Lydie” & “Emmie”

Set 3: Lillian & Imogen – “Lillie” & “Immy”

Two Brothers:

Set 1: Lucas & Elias – “Luke” & “Eli”

Set 2: Oliver & Everett

Set 3: Connor & Declan

One Brother/One Sister:

Set 1: Lucas & Lillian – “Luke” & “Lillie”

Set 2: Benjamin & Emmeline – “Ben” & “Emmie”

Set 3: Everett & Elizabeth – “Ever” & “Lizzie”

Three Sisters:

Set 1: Emilia, Lydia, & Madelyn – “Emmie”, “Lydie”, & “Maddie”

Set 2: Emmeline, Lillian, & Madelyn – “Emmie”, “Lillie”, & “Maddie”

Set 3: Alice, Elizabeth, & Imogen – Alice, “Lizzie”, & “Immy”

Three Brothers:

Set 1: Lucas, Benjamin, & Gabriel – “Luke”, “Ben”, & “Gabe”

Set 2: Everett, Oliver, & Benjamin – “Ever”, Oliver, & “Ben”

Set 3: Holden, Connor, & Declan

Two Sisters & One Brother:

Set 1: Lillian, Emilia, & Oliver – “Lillie”, “Emmie”, & Oliver

Set 2: Emmeline, Elizabeth, & Everett – “Emmie”, “Lizzie”, & “Ever”

Set 3: Lydia, Imogen, & Oliver – “Lydie”, “Immie”, & Oliver

Two Brothers & One Sister

Set 1: Everett, Elias, & Emmeline – “Ever”, “Eli”, & “Emmie”

Set 2: Oliver, Everett, & Lydia – Oliver, Everett, & “Lydie”

Set 3 – Lucas, Gabriel, & Emmeline – “Luke”, “Gabe”, & “Emmie”

Lots of love and happiness to you!


4 responses to “Sib Sets from my favorite names

  1. Meagan,
    First I must say I LOVE your name videos! I have watched nearly all of them and I am currently watching your steampunk names video. 🙂 Here’s my dilemma…my baby girl needs a name! Help! A little background about our family…our last name is Sadek (Say-Deck). Our other children’s names are
    Madelyn Jayne (05/06/09)
    Ava Jocelyn (05/09/10)
    Levi Edward (10/03/11)
    Stella Noelle (12/24/12)
    and Baby Girl (12/03/13). Can you help me name our little doll? Any advise from you or your cyber friends would be so awesome. 🙂 Thank you in advance….Cheri

    • Hey Cheri ~ Thanks for watching 🙂
      Congrats on your new little one!! Your children have beautiful names! I love Levi. The girls names – Madelyn, Ava, and Stella are all so timeless, classy, yet still current feel. I would suggest for your fourth daughter, using 2 or 3 syllable name that has the same qualities. A few that come to mind are Lillian, Violet, Amelia, Charlotte, Audrey, Hannah, Cora, Eliza, Julia, & Olivia.
      Again, congrats on your new little one. I hope you will share what name you choose 🙂 ~Meagan

  2. Meagan,
    Oops I forgot to mention that our kids middle names do have personal meanings. Madelyn’s middle name, Jayne is after my Maternal Grandmother. Her middle name is Jane. We used the spelling Jayne because my Husband’s middle name (as well as his Father and Paternal Grandfather’s first names) are Wayne. Our second child Ava, was given the middle name Jocelyn after my Husband’s paternal grandmother who’s first name is Joyce. Joyce isn’t a big fan of her name so we gave it a modern twist. Our third child, Levi was given the middle name Edward which is my Maternal Grandfather’s first name. Who I incredibly lucky at 82 years young to still have in my life. My license plates GPAS GIRL honor him as well as my email etc. Our 4th child, Stella Noelle was given her name not after a family member but because she was born Christmas Eve. Stella meaning star and Noelle…well you get it. Lol Anyway my Husband’s Mom, my Mom, my Sister, my best friend of 28 years, & my great grandmother all share the same middle name of Marie. Perhaps you have an interesting twist of Marie we could use for baby’s middle name? I also lost a good friend who’s name was Melissa Marie when I was in high school so that’d be a nice middle name sake too? Im sorry to blabber on….I hope you can help.

    • I love that your children’s middle names have personal meaning to you and your family 🙂 Sounds like Marie honors lots of important people in your life! Some alternatives/ways to honor a Marie (some are a bit of a stretch)- Marielle/Mariel, Marianne, Maribel, Mariah, Mara, Maia, Marley, Mia, Miriam, Mira, Mirabelle, Moira, Maren, Mari, Marilyn, or Marion..

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