10 Names – Not in my top 10


I recently updated my top 10 names for girls and boys (check out my youtube channel to hear more about them). There are so many great names out there that I really enjoy, but I just don’t love quite enough to use. Here are 10 names that I think are amazing, even though none of them made my top 10 list.

Audrey is an English name that means “noble strength”. It is currently #41 in the U.S. I think Audrey is so precious on a little girl. It’s a chic name that reminds me of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn.

Barrett has really grown on me this past year. Originally a German name, it fittingly means “bear strength”, and is #375 in popularity. Barrett has a slightly preppy and very crisp sound. I also love the idea of using the nickname “Bear” on a young Barrett. Barry and Rhett could also work as nicknames.

Caleb is a handsome, biblical, Hebrew name that means “devolution to God”. Pretty popular at #32 in the U.S. I’ve always preferred Caleb to Jacob. Biblical names for boys are definitely on the rise.

Cassandra is a big, beautiful, Greek name that means “prophetess”. It’s dipped quite a bit in the last 10 years and is currently #423 in the U.S. I love that this name is so grand but still very usable. The nicknames “Cas” or “Cassie” are also familiar and not overused.

An Irish name that comes from Aiden, also meaning “little fire”, Egan falls under the “names I think are fun to say” category. I love that this name isn’t a top name in the U.S., and it also isn’t hard to pronounce or spell. That said, I don’t know how usable it would be for me, given that my name is Meagan.

A Scottish name meaning “large or tall”, Grant currently holds spot #163 in popularity here in the U.S. I love how straight forward, masculine, and simple Grant is. It also works well as a middle name.

One of the many lovely variations of the name Catherine/Katherine, Katarina is Czech and means “pure”. I’ve always felt lukewarm about the name Katrina, but I think Katarina is so regal and lovely. Many familiar nicknames like Kat, Kit, and Kitty could also work for this stunning name.

Kiernan is a handsome Irish name that means “little dark one”.
I really like the name Kieran as well, but I love the repeating “n” sound at the end of Kiernan. I definitely picture this name on a slightly rebellious and very handsome man.

A popular name in Australia, Matilda is slowly gaining attention in the U.S. It’s still not to popular at #658. Originally a German name meaning “strength in battle”. Matilda used to soley remind me of the children’s book and film by the same name. I now see it as a delightful name with cute potential nicknames such as “Matty” or “Tilly”.

A literary name invented by J.M. Barrie. Wendy is falling in popularity and currently sits at #768 in the U.S. This name has definitely fallen out of fashion. I love the Peter Pan tie to Wendy, but I’ve also always thought it had a spunky and sweet sound to it. Not to mention the cool “W” initial.

Happy Name Hunting!


2 responses to “10 Names – Not in my top 10

  1. you’re making me like Barrett! especially with the nickname Bear :3
    Wendy is really sweet, it’s been growing on me. I love the book Matilda so that makes me like the name but my brother ruined it a little for me. I had a neighbor named Katarina and she wasn’t the nicest person but I still think it’s a beautiful name! Caleb and Grant are SO handsome!

  2. Isn’t Bear the cutest nickname for Barrett? I love how strong & handsome Barrett is & then how cute and playful Bear is 🙂

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