Name Crushes


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and boy have I been crushing… on some names that is šŸ˜‰

What is a name crush?
A name that you love really like but isn’t one of your top names. A name crush is different from a guilty pleasure name. It’s a name you’d actually use and may even consider migrating it over to your top names. Here are some names that I’ve been crushing on lately…

Oh, Rory, what are you so adorable? I can picture Rory on a cute, sporty boy, but I also love it on a girl as a nickname for Aurora. Rory, you are just too cute.

Annabelle has actually been sneaking up the charts in popularity. It’s beautiful, timeless name that goes really well with many of my top names. I think it would make a classy first or middle name. I also love the nicknames Belle & Annie.

I’ve been crushing on many male names that begin with the letter “G”. Gideon used to feel a bit old or stuffy to me, but lately I’ve been really drawn to this strong and masculine name. It’s definitely growing on me.

Madelyn & Madeline have long been names on the top of my list. I go back and forth on which ending sound I prefer. Lately, I’ve been really wondering if the less common and very beautiful Matilda might take their place.

Rowan, it just rolls off the tongue. I can see this name on a boy or a girl. I lean towards liking it more for a boy. I like that it’s a nature name, for the Rowan tree.

2 responses to “Name Crushes

  1. I’ve never known what to call those names, I have so many! šŸ˜› especially Cleo and Anton.
    I could really see you using Annabelle and Matilda! I do prefer the Annabel spelling though, maybe since Annabel Lee is one of my favorite poems šŸ™‚ Rowan is really handsome and I could see you using it, too.
    Rory and Gideon feel stuffy and clunky to me, I’ve never been a fan of them šŸ˜¦

  2. I love the Annabel Lee connection! Perfect for you šŸ™‚

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