Timeless names A-Z


It’s no secret that I LOVE many classic and timeless names. Without using my A-Z favorite names – you can read/watch more about those here: http://listography.com/TulipByAnyName/a-z_favorite_names/5936215402
I thought I would list one beautiful and timeless name for each sex for most letters of the alphabet. I hope you enjoy!

Annabelle & Adam
Annabelle is so pretty & has many adorable potential nicknames. Adam never seems to go out of style & works on a man of any age.

Bridget & Bernard
What I like about Bridget is that it isn’t too popular and has a bit of spunk to it. Vintage names for girls have been rising in the charts. I wonder if old classics like Bernard might start coming back into fashion for boys?

Charlotte & Charles
Charlotte and Charles are both family names for me. I love the nickname “Lottie” for Charlotte & “Charlie” for Charles.

Diana & Daniel
Diana has a certain class and grace attached to it, in part because of the late Princess Diana. As a huge Anne of Green Gables fan, Diana will forever be tied to Diana Berry for me. Daniel, like Gabriel and Michael, carries a warm familiarity. It’s never been lower than #55 in the U.S.

Eleanor & Edward
These two names have really made a comeback in recent years. Eleanor is one of those vintage girls names that many people are loving. “Elle” names for girls have been getting lots of attention. Edward got a bit of a boost during the Twilight craze.

Frances & Frederick
Frances is a family name for me and interestingly a name that many celebrities have given to their little girls – either as first or middle names. Frederick has a very noble and distinguished sound to me.

Grace & George
Grace is wildly popular as both a first and a middle name. It’s a beautiful virtue name, with a great meaning, and it flows well with many other names. I suspect that the new little Prince George may give the name George a boost in popularity.

Helen & Henry
Helen was so popular in the 19th century until the mid 20th century. Similar names such as Helene or Helena may make for a lovely way to honor a Helen. Henry is on an upward swing in popularity here in the U.S. I have to admit, there is something pretty adorable about a little boy named Henry.

Isabelle & Isaac
If I didn’t love Imogen so much, Isabelle would easily be my favorite “I” name for girls. I love “belle” names and Isabelle ages beautifully. Isaac is a Biblical name that I’ve seen many others in the baby name community mention as a favorite.

Josephine & Jacob
I love Josephine. Josephine reminds me of the wonderful character Josephine “Jo” March in “Little Women”. I think Josephine would make a beautiful middle name. When I think of names that have withstood the test of time I have to give Jacob credit. Not only is Jacob the number 1 name in the U.S. right now, it’s an old Biblical name that is popular in many other countries as well.

Katherine & Kenneth
Chances are that you know or have known many Katherine’s. It’s a strong name with many great nicknames and many lovely variations. I feel like Kenneth is often overlooked, but could truly work on a many of any age – especially if you use the nicknames Ken or Kenny.

Lucy & Lawrence
Lucy is in so many of my “name-friend’s” top 10. It’s cute, it’s classic, it’s feminine… Lucy has it all. Lawrence is very handsome name. I knew a Lawrence who went by the nickname “Ren” which I’ve always thought made for a cool nickname and great alternative to Laurie/Lawry.

Mary & Matthew
Mary is the epitome of a classic name. It is often given as a namesake in Christian families. There are tons of beautiful variations Mary. Matthew is another Biblical boys name that just doesn’t seem to feel frumpy or old fashioned. It also works well as a middle name.

Nora & Nicholas
Nora is a sweet Irish name that has been climbing the charts – so has Norah. Nicholas has great history and substance to it. I love the nickname “Cole” as an alternative to “Nick”.

Ophelia & Owen
The first two classic “O” names that came to mind were Olivia & Oliver, but since those are on my favorites list I’m going to stretch a bit with Ophelia & Owen. Ophelia does have a bit of a stigma/history attached to it, but how fun is Ophelia to say? Owen has a friendly and hearty sound to it. I’ve really been liking Owen lately.

Pearl & Paul
Pearl is making a huge come back and would be considered “old-lady-chic”. Ten years ago Pearl may have felt like your great-great-Aunt but it’s definitely back in passion. Paul is simple, strong, and understated.

Sorry, no girls name for this one. Clearly some of these letters are much harder than others. I haven’t come across a timeless girl’s name that begins with a Q. Quintin is quite old though. It has Latin roots and means “fifth”.

Rosemary & Robert
I love “Rose” names. Rosemary sounds so sweet and wholesome. Robert has always been a top 100 name in the U.S. and although it’s popularity has dipped a bit, it remains a classic.

Samantha & Samuel
“Sam” is one of the nicknames I find attractive on both sexes. I would have loved to have been named Samantha when I was a little girl. It was hugely popular in the 80’s and 90’s. Samuel has always been fairly popular. It dipped a bit in the 50’s but has actually been making a come back.

Teresa & Theodore
Teresa is often a name given to honor Saint Teresa and Mother Teresa. I think the nickname “Tess” would be adorable for a little Teresa. Theodore is a popular name among name-lovers. It’s strong, handsome, and classic. Plus it comes with cute nickname options like Ted, Teddy, and Theo!

Like “Q” I only found a male name fitting for this category. Ulysses is a name strong in character, U.S. History, and mythology.

Victoria & Vincent
There are actually quite a few “V” names that I enjoy. Both Victoria & Vincent have a regal and stayed quality to them.

Willa & William
Willa and William are a fold of one another. I can easily see these names being used in a story from 100 years ago, yet I wouldn’t be shocked to hear either on a schoolyard today.

* X & Y have been excluded because although most X & Y names are quite vibrant and fascinating, they don’t strike me as classic or timeless.

Unfortunately no “Z” names for girls quite fit my theme here. My Great-Grandmother really wanted my parents to name my brother Zachary or Zachariah. Neither name would have suited him but both of these “Zac” names have staying power.

~love & peace

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