Same name, Different country: Alice, James, Laura, & Peter

The names I picked for today’s “Same name- different country” were all inspired by beloved characters from children’s literature. Let’s take a look at some international variations of these wonderful names.

Today’s names are – Alice, James, Laura, and Peter


A German name meaning “noble”. Alice is rising in popularity and is currently #127 here in the U.S. It is also the name of the main character in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”.

A few variations of Alice include:
Ada – German, Hungarian, & Polish
Adalheidis – Old German
Adelaida – Hungarian
Adelheid – Dutch & German
Aileas – Scottish
Aleid – Dutch
Aleida – Dutch & German
Alica – Slovak
Alicia – Spanish
Alícia – Catalan
Alicja – Polish
Alida – Dutch, German, & Hungarian
Ailís – Irish
Alis – Welsh
Aliz – Hungarian
Alli – Finnish
Alisa – Finnish & Russian
Eilís – Irish
Eilish – Irish
Heida – German
Heidi – Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian, & Swedish

Which is your favorite variation of Alice?
Alice is in my top 20 names for girls, but there is something so sweet about the name Heidi. I also love the Irish variation Eilís.

A variation of the name Jacob meaning “supplanter”. James is a fairly popular name at #14 in the United States. James is the lead character in Ronald Dahl’s “James and the Giant Peach”.

A few variations of James include:
Giacobbe – Italian
Giacomo – Italian
Hamish – Scottish
Iago – Galician
Jacob – Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, & Swedish
Jacobus – Dutch & Late Roman
Jacques – French
Jago – Cornish
Jaime – Portuguese & Spanish
Jakab – Hungarian
Jakes – Basque
Jakob – Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, German, Norwegian, & Swedish
Jákob – Hungarian
Jakov – Croatian
Jakub – Czech, Polish, & Slovak
Jeppe – Danish
Kimo – Hawaiian
Séamus – Irish
Yakov – Bulgarian, Hebrew, & Russian
Yakub – Arabic

So many takes on James! Which is your favorite variation?
I’ve loved James ever since I was a little girl. My teenage crush on Jakob Dylan draws me to the Jakob spelling as well.

A Latin name meaning “bay laurel”. Laura is a classic name that is currently #280 in the U.S. It is also well known as the name of the lovable character and author, Laura Ingalls Wilder from “The Little House on the Prairie”.

A few variations of Laura include:
Lára – Icelanic
Laure – French
Laurette – French
Laurine – French
Llora – Catalan
Lora – English & Italian
Lorette – French
Lowri – Welsh

There are tons of diminutives of Laura as well – ie: Lori, Loreen, etc.

Which is your favorite variation of Laura?
I think Lára has a lovely flare.

A Greek name that means “rock”. Peter is #205 in the U.S. There are so many great Peter’s in children’s literature! Peter Pan from J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan”, “Peter Rabbit” from stories by Beatrix Potter, and Peter Pevensie from C.S.Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia”, just to name a few.

A few variations of Peter include:
Peder – Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
Pedr – Welsh
Pedro – Spanish & Portuguese
Pere – Catalan
Petar – Bulgarian, Croatian
Petras – Lithuanian
Petr – Czech
Petri – Finnish
Petro – Ukrainian
Petros – Greek
Petrus – Dutch, German
Petter – Norwegian, Swedish
Pier – Dutch
Piero – Italian
Pierre – French
Piers – English
Pieter – Dutch
Pietro – Italian
Pika – Hawaiian

Which is your favorite variation of Peter?
Piero has a smooth, romantic feel to me. I also like the Greek Petros.

Wishing you a magical week!

5 responses to “Same name, Different country: Alice, James, Laura, & Peter

  1. ThalassaPearl

    My favorite Alice variation is probably Adalheid but I like Ada and Heidi a lot, too!
    I’ve never been a fan of James but I love Jacob, Jakob and Jakub with the nickname Kuba 🙂 and I like Kimo and Jacques, too.
    I think Lara is very pretty, I prefer it to Laura.
    I really like Peter and it’s a family name for me but I’ve never been a big fan of it’s variations. Pierre is quite handsome though and Pika is SO cute!

  2. I agree, Pika is pretty adorable!

  3. I love the name Alice! I think Aleid is very interesting and I really like Ailis and Eilis! I had never heard of them before.
    I’ve always liked Jacob even though it is quite popular. Jeppe sounds like such a cute nick name to me, but I’m very curious to hear how it is pronounced. I believe Santiago is a variation to James as well, though I may be mistaken.
    I used to really like Laura, however I find that I’m liking it less and less. My favorite variations are Lara, Laurine and Lorette.
    Pedro has a special place in my heart because it is my grandfathers name. I like Piers and Petros as well.

  4. Fun list! My favorite “completely different variant” (which I think is not listed) is the Portuguese James (or just Brazilians use it, idk) Thiago.

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