Shakespearean Names


Looking for some baby name inspiration?
Shakespeare may just be the dude to help you!

William Shakespeare turns the big 450 this week. (That’s a lot of candles!) It’s no secret that Shakespeare was definitely a lover of words and I suspect, by looking at the names of his characters, that he may have been a lover of names as well.

A little Shakespearean Name Trivia for you:

* Shakespeare named his children Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith.

* Jessica, Miranda, and Imogen were all names invented by Shakespeare! (inspired by other names)

Some of my favorite names Shakespearean Names include:

Alice I have been crushing on the name Alice all year. A simple, strong name with great literary ties.

Cordelia I must admit that I feel in love with this name as a girl reading Anne of Green Gables (I wasn’t quite ready for Shakespeare back then). Cordelia used to be on my “guilty pleasure” name list, but has recently moved over to my top potential “names-to-use” list.

Emilia I can never resist a beautiful “E” name & an “Em” name at that! I love the sound of Emilia and the many beautiful nickname options that steam from it.

Imogen Oh, Imogen. I’ve loved this name most of my life and whenever I share my passion for this name to folks outside of the baby name community I am often given funny looks. Such a beautiful name that we simply don’t hear enough in the U.S.

James I’ve always felt quite connected to the name James. It too has been a lifelong favorite of mine, although I’m not wild about many rosetulippopular nicknames for James. It is a handsome, solid, & timeless name.

Julia Julia would be one of the first names that comes to my mind when I think of a classic, timeless girls names. It ages so well and never feels stuffy or dated.

Nathaniel I really like Nathaniel as a middle name. It has a strong, noble feel to me. It also helps that all of the Nathaniel’s, Nathan’s, and Nate’s that I’ve met have been really nice men.

Oliver Will someone please tell this name to stop gaining popularity because I’d really love to use it for a future child!? Thank you. I love this name. I love “O” as an initial. I love the nickname “Ollie” on a little guy. What else can I say? I simply love it.

Owen Owen has been growing on me lately. There is something very simple, yet inviting about Owen to me. Again, it comes with the great initial “O”.

Sebastian I think one of the things that appeals to me most about the name Sebastian is how beautiful it sounds in different languages! Also, as a nickname fanatic the nickname possibilities are delightful.

A few Shakespearean names that are breathtaking and I’d love to see used more include:

* Adrian – Classic & handsome. This name works well on a man of any age.
* Balthasar – A dance for the tongue! A fun name to say & a good choice for a daring namer.
* Bianca – Feminine, familiar, and understated.
* Caius – I’m seeing this name on many forms, but it hasn’t seen much movement in popularity.
* Celia – Classy, sophisticated, and sweet.
* Cressida – Fit for a queen – grand, regal, and truly a showstopper!
* Fenton – The ending sound is right on trend & it would stand out against the rise of “Finn” names.
* Griffith – A cool alternative to Griffin, and one we don’t see as much in the U.S.
* Helena – I love both pronunciations of this ultra-pretty and ultra-feminine name.
* Lavinia – A grand Princess-y name & cool alternative to the beautiful but much more popular Olivia.
* Ross – Not just a character on Friends. Ross works really well as a first or middle name.
* Sylvia – So stylish and sleek. Sylvia has a bit of mystery and a whole lot of pizazz.

A tulip at heart,

2 responses to “Shakespearean Names

  1. Wonderful, wonderful article. Well done!

  2. I agree – I’d also love to see Griffith used more often 🙂

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