10 Cool Uncommon Names!


10 totally rad & uncommon names (in the U.S.) yo!

#1 Anwen
Let’s just start with my favorite name on this list!
A beautiful Welsh name and great way to honor an Ann/Anne.

#2 Brandis
I met a beautiful, curly-haired little girl named Brandis this week.
A vibrant alternative to Brandi or Brandon.

#3 Eben
I confess… I have a thing for names that begin with the letter “E”.
Eben is a great twist on Evan and a cool way to get the nickname “Ben”!

#4 Elva
An unexpected and magical name choice!
Elva means “Elfin”, which gets big bonus points from me.

#5 Gerard
Any Gerard Butler fans out there?
Such a strong, noble, handsome, and polished name.

#6 Idris
A cool, unexpected “I” name.
Idris has Arabic roots and means “interpreter”.
It may also remind you of the actor, Idris Elba.

#7 Imelda
A vivacious Spanish name.
Imelda is a great name to use to honor someone with a “Mel” name, such as Melanie or Melissa.

#8 March
March is a great month to be born in 😉
Beyond it being my birth month, I think March makes a great middle name!
I’m also a huge fan of Little Women and the March sisters.
I love the literary connection to this name.

#9 Savina
Exotic and extraordinary.
Savina is spiced up variation of Sabrina/Sabina and an interesting alternative to Savannah.

#10 Truitt
A handsome surname that would make a super cool first or middle name.
I absolutely adore the nickname “True”.

I think you’re cool

2 responses to “10 Cool Uncommon Names!

  1. ThalassaPearl

    I really like those -wen names ^.^ and I love Elva! I think Elsa might start getting popular and Elva is a cute alternative 🙂 and it definitely sounds magical! Savina is really cool! I think I prefer it to Sabina and Eben is a great alternative to Evan and I think I prefer it, too. Growing up I always thought my brother’s Godmother’s name was March because of my mom’s accent but turns out her name was Marge xD I was disappointed.. 😛 Truitt is handsome and I could see a lot of people liking it these days.

    you’re quite cool yourself 😉 😛

  2. Elva definitely reminds me of you! I agree, I think we’ll see Elsa rise in popularity! Marge does sound like March! 🙂

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