Miss USA Contestant’s Names!


The Miss USA Competition is tomorrow night – June 8th. Let’s take a look at the names of the contestants!

Alabama – Jesica
Alaska – Kendall
Arizona – Jordan
Arkansas – Helenbeautyqueen
California – Cassandra
Colorado- Eleanna
Connecticut – Desirée
Delaware – Kelsey
District of Colombia – Ciera Nicole
Florida – Brittany
Georgia – Tiana
Hawaii – Moani
Idaho – Yvette
Illinois – Lexie
Indiana – Mekayla
Iowa – Carlyn
Kansas – Audrey
Kentucky – Destin
Louisiana – Brittany
Maine – Samantha
Maryland – Taylor
Massachusetts – Caroline
Michigan – Elizabeth
Minnesota – Haley
Mississippi – Chelsea
Missouri – Erica
Montana – Kadieusayo
Nebraska – Amanda
Nevada – Nia
New Hamspire – Bridget
New Jersey – Emily
New Mexico – Kamryn
New York – Candace
North Carolina – Olivia
North Dakota – Audra
Ohio – Madison
Oklahoma – Brooklynne
Oregon – Emma
Pennsylvania – Valerie
Rhode Island – Christina
South Carolina – Christina
South Dakota – Brittney
Tennessee – Kristy
Texas – Lauren
Utah – Angelia
Vermont – Gina
Virginia – Arielle
Washington – Allyson
West Virgina – Charisse
Wisconsin – Bishara
Wyoming – Lexi

That’s 3 Brittany/Brittney’s , 2 Christina’s, & 2 Lexi/Lexie’s

Audra & Helen These two names definitely stuck out to me. Audra is an underused, beautiful name, and great alternative to the much more popular Audra. Helen is another lovely name, that feels a bit more generational. Most Helen’s are 50+ in the USA.

Bishara Speaking of names that stand out, have you ever met a Bishara? It’s an Arabic name that means “good news”.

Cassandra, Audrey, and Elizabeth These are my three favorites names of the bunch. What can I say, I love beautiful, classic names.

Which of the contestant names do you like best?

I’m off to vacuum in my plastic tiara now 😉
~ Meagan

4 responses to “Miss USA Contestant’s Names!

  1. Hahaha plastic tiara!
    I agree with the names you selected out. How refreshing to see those names in the midst of trendy common ones.

  2. I’m always a sucker for Bridget 🙂

    Charisse is pretty – reminds me of movie star Cyd Charisse. And Arielle is also lovely. I can definitely see a Charisse or Arielle in a tiara 😉

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