Sweet Names from Sweet Valley High


I was a little young for the initial Sweet Valley craze, but I still drank the koolaid so to speak. As a preteen I owned the board game and devoured the Sweet Valley High book series, by Francine Pascal. The books follow the lives of identical twins, Jessica and Elizabeth. The sisters have perfect hair, PG-rated teen drama, and friends with some pretty cool names.

Jessica & Elizabeth – one of my dear childhood friends was named Jessica, and my middle name is Elizabeth. Naturally, we pretended to be the SVH twins. If you were born in the 1980’s or 90’s, chances are you know quite a few Jessica’s. Jessica was a top 10 name in popularity from 1976-2000 in the U.S. Lately I’ve really been a fan of the spunky, much less common, but similar name, Jessa. I’m partial to Elizabeth for literary and familial ties. A name with endless nicknames, Elizabeth has never been lower the #26 in popularity since names have been recorded here. Truly a timeless classic!

Jessica, Lila, Enid, & Elizabeth

Jessica, Lila, Enid, & Elizabeth

Lila & Enid – two girls’ that are on-again off-again friends of the twins. I fell in love with both of these names whilst reading this series. Lila is a name I always come back to. It’s simple, feminine, timeless, and has the repeating L’s that I love in many names. Enid on the other hand is a name I like, but I couldn’t actually see myself using. I’m a self- professed lover of names that begin with the letter E. Could Enid be the new Eden? I doubt it, but I still keep it in my journal of little names I enjoy.

Todd & Winston – let’s throw some boys names into the mix. Todd is Elizabeth’s boyfriend, and the typical portrayal of a California dude. Todd does have a beachy sound to me. I was born and raised in California myself, and can easily picture a Todd with a surf or skateboard tucked under his arm. Todd means “fox”, if that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is! Winston on the other hand, has a hipster geek-chic sound to me. He’s a bit of a goofball in the series. People may like this name for its famous bearer, Winston Churchill.

Nora & Regina – two more characters with notable names. Nora is one of the teacher’s at SVH. Nora is a classic name that can also be spelled Norah. I’m really glad to see this sophisticated gem of a name rising in popularity. Regina reminds an entire generation of the Mean Girls character, Regina King. In the SVH series she’s a wealthy girl that deals with a hearing impairment. Those association aside, Regina is an old Latin name that means “queen”. It has a regal old world sound to me.

This Cali girl wishes you a summer of fun in the sun!

2 responses to “Sweet Names from Sweet Valley High

  1. ThalassaPearl

    I love Elizabeth but I prefer the Elisabeth spelling. It might be popular but it has SO many great nickname options! Lila is SO darling and I love Nora! Nora sound classy yet spunky to me. I love Todd, it’s so sweet, handsome and simple and I think it ages well. It also reminds me of Dodd, Bobby Darin’s son, which is reason enough to love it in my eyes. Winston was my favorite name in middle school because I was in love with Dallas Winston from the Outsiders! I think it’s handsome and fits in with all the countless popular -on names for boys while having more class than the rest of them, in my opinion. I’m making myself love it again..!

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