Classic Name Inspiration from Classic Beauties!


You’ll probably recognize these classic beauties as well as their beautiful names. Let’s take a look at their names and similar names that stand the test of time.

audgeAudrey is the epitome of a classy name. The iconic beauty, Audrey Hepbrun, only adds poise to this delicate and delightful name.  English in origin, Audrey means “noble strength”. Some names with a similar feel include Aubrey, Audra, AureliaAudrina, Adrienne, Ellery, and Ainsley.

graceGrace is both a virtue and a prayer. It was also the name of Grace Kelly, the timeless beauty, and Princess of Monaco. Grace is a word name meaning “elegance or refinement”. A few similar names include Gracie, Gracia, Gracelyn, Gray, Gail, Glory, and Gwen.

natNatalie is a familiar and inviting name. The beautiful doe-eyed Natalie Wood bore this name well before it started to really become popular in the United States. Natalie is a French variation of the Russian name Natalia which means “born on Christmas day”. Similar names include Natalia (naturally), Ottilie, Emily, Natasha, Nadine and Nadia.

Elizabeth is a name that refuses to go out of style. It has never been lizlower than #26 in popularity since names have been recorded in this country. There are many beautiful bearers of this name, but one of the most recognizable has to be Elizabeth “Liz” Taylor. A Hebrew name meaning “pledged to God”, Elizabeth has countless variations and adorable nickname options. A few names with a similar feel include Annabeth, Bethany, Isabelle, Lisette, Eliza, and Elora.

jackieoJacqueline is a name that has been slipping in popularity here in the United States. American Royalty, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wore this name as she wore everything, with distinct style and class. Jacqueline is a French name derived from the male name, Jacques, meaning “supplanter”. If you like Jacqueline, you might also like Jacoba, Madeleine, Jocelyn, Jacinda, or Pauline.

Adieu beautiful

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