Human Names for Dogs

Did you know that Gwen Stefani had a dog named Megan? Jokingly, I’ve always said that I’d name my next pup Gwen.

Names like “Chief”, “Buddy”, or “Rocky” are popular amongst our furry four-legged friends, but so are common human names like Bailey, Lucy, Max, Bella, Maggie, Charlie, and Sam.

Here are a few less common names that could be the perfect fit for the pooch in your life!


Can you “dig” it? Okay, so the digging connection was irresistible. If you like the dig pun then you might like names such as Digby, Diggor or Diggory.

The Old Lady/ Old Gent Names. As a lover of Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs, I have to say there is something quite charming about an old fashioned name on a little pup with smushy snout! Try Winston, Ernest, Franklin, Opal, Maude, Virgil, Mona, Elmer, Gladys, Percy, Thaddeus, Blanche (or substitute your favorite Golden Girl name).

Mythological Inspiration. Mythological names are often a bit grand for a human baby, but could be quite entertaining on your fur baby. I’ve met a few dogs named Zeus and I think Hercules could be funny on a really tiny tyrant or big gentle giant. A few other cool choices include Minerva, Callisto, Brutus, Jupiter, and Juno.

A few more names that would be fun to use and fun to say are Rigby, Iphigenia, Bodhi, Huckleberry, Pollyanna, Willoughby, Viggo, Mortimer, Fiorella, or Maximo.

Love & Paws

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