Names of the Week – Alice & Tristan


I adore instagram. For a few months I have been posting 2 Names of the Week to my instagram account @tulipbyanyname – but there is only so much you can squeeze in to a tiny cube! So, I decided to add a weekly video component to my Names of the Week!

This weeks names are:
Alice & Tristan

You can learn about these names & my thoughts on them in the video below!

Wishing you a wonderful week


2 responses to “Names of the Week – Alice & Tristan

  1. I love, love, love, love, LOVE Tristan!!! I’ve always loved this name ever since I first heard it (or read it, I can’t remember which came first) and the story of Tristan & Isolde has always been one of my favorite tragic romances. I’ve used this name a few times for some characters, most of them minor. I’ve also used feminine versions of this name- Tristina, Tristene , Trista/Trysta, & Triste (I pronounce the “e” at the end). I suppose I can see the appeal of using this name for a girl but honestly, I just love it so much more for boys.

    Alice is also another name I’ve used more then once. It’s a short, sweet name that’s always seemed both spunky and feminine to me. It also reminds me of the character in the Resident Evil movies & she’s a strong, badass character to me 🙂

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