Names of the Week – Matilda & Jasper


This weeks names are:
Matilda & Jasper

MatildaIt’s a wonder to me that this beautiful name isn’t used more here in the United States. At #645 in popularity it’s familiar, but far from being overused. Matilda also lends itself to several adorable nicknames, a few of my favorites include Tilly, Mattie, and Tilda.

JasperIt has an old-timey, jazzy feel and has been used in everything from Twilight to 101 Datamations. Jasper is also the name of a very cool reddish-brown speckled gemstone. It’s currently #248 in popularity and rising!

Hear more about these names in the video below:

Shine On


2 responses to “Names of the Week – Matilda & Jasper

  1. Just found your vlog and blog yesterday! I love it! In relation to this post (and vid), I think Jasper is a very cool name. I prefer it to Casper. And I LOVE Matilda! I’m from Australia, so I’m sure that’s not surprising 😛 I was stunned that Matilda is #645 in America! Much more popular in Aus at #18 🙂 I love it, but I think it may be too popular for me 😛 (even though I love William and Jack and they’re the top 2 in Aus :P). I also love Matilda spelled Mathilde. Anyway, love your blog and vlog 🙂 I look forward to catching up on all your vids and commenting and interacting more soon 🙂

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