Names of the Week – Arabella & Roman


This weeks names are:
Arabella & Roman

Arabella the epitome of a Princess name, Arabella is grand, feminine, smooth.  A wonderful alternative to Isabella, the number 4 name in the United States, Arabella is much less popular at #210.  As a lover of nicknames I feel it is my duty to list a few possible options for this regal name; Ara, Ari, Arie, Belle, Bella, Ella, Elle, Ellie, & Rae.

RomanA powerful, masculine, name rich in history.  Roman has a very commanding yet assessable presence. In a time where we’re seeing more and more male names used on women, I would be shocked to see Roman ever become a unisex name.

Hear more about these names in the video below:

A week of joy to you!


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