Sioux Names


The Sioux are a Native American tribe in North America.
Here are ten extraordinaire Sioux names:

Female Names:

Chumani – (choo-mah-nee) “dewdrop”
I love many meanings of Sioux names. Dewdrop conjures up a lovely image of a tiny pearl-shaped morning drop of dew perched on a crisp green leaf.

Ehawee – (ee-hah-wee) “she laughs”
If you’re into name meanings this one is absolutely delightful!

miraposaKimimela – (kim-mee-meh-lah) “butterfly”
This name sounds like poetry. It’s smooth and sweet just like the flight of a butterfly.

Maka – (mah-kah) “earth”
I think Maka is one of the most usable names on this list. It looks like it sounds and sounds similar to Ma_a names like Maya or Mara.

Talutah – (tah-loo-tah) “scarlet, red”
The name Scarlet is on the rise. A cool alternative would be Talutah which means scarlet. Talutah also has a similar look and sound to the name Tallulah.

Male Names:

Akecheta – (ah-kech-tah) meaning “warrior”
A strong yet melodic sound, I think the meaning is well suited to the name.

Enapay – (en-ah-pay) “goes forth bravely”
I adore the way this name rolls off the tongue. I think many people would love a name with a meaning tied to bravery.rhors

Kohana – (ko-hah-nah) “swift”
Kohana is also a Japanese name meaning “little flower”.

Ohanzee– (o-han-zee) “shadow”
A soft and mysterious sound paired with a subtle and interesting meaning.

Tashunka – (tah-shun-kah) “horse”
I love dogs and horses, so naturally I’m always drawn to name tied to one of these majestic animals.

All good things

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  1. Such interesting names and meanings 🙂

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