Names from The Breakfast Club


“We’re all pretty bizarre.
Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.”

I love quoting John Hughes films. The Breakfast Club is an 80’s cult classic. It’s as funny, dramatic, and relevant today as it was in 1985. The five main actors who tell this story were part of a group of young Hollywood actors that the media nicknamed “the Brat Pack”. For this article I thought it would be fun to look at the names of the five main characters as well as the actors who portrayed them.


Andy ~ Andrew Clark “the athlete” played by Emilio Estevez

Andrew is a Greek name meaning “strong and manly”. A timeless classic, Andrew is currently #22 in popularity (in the U.S.) and has never been lower than #86. Andy and Drew are common nicknames for this well known name.

Emilio is a Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese variation of the name Emil, meaning “rival”. It is much less popular than Andrew at #298. The name Emilio Estevez has a very smooth, romantic sound to it.




Brian ~ Brian Ralph Johnson “the brain” played by Anthony Michael Hall

Brian comes from an old Irish name meaning “noble or high”. Brian was in the top 100 from 1947-2009. It is currently at #150.  The popularity of this name gives it an inviting and familiar sound.

Anthony is Latin meaning “priceless”. Anthony is currently #19  and has been in the top 20 since this film was released in 1985.  A beloved Saint’s name, Anthony has global appeal. A fun little name fact – Anthony Michael Hall’s birth name is actually Michael Anthony Hall.




Claire ~ Claire Standish “the princess” played by Molly Ringwald

Claire is a French name meaning “bright and clear”. The spelling Clair has traditionally been a male name.  Claire has a classic, crisp, clean sound to it. It is currently #49 in popularity. I love both Claire and the variation Clare, which I choose as a confirmation name.

Molly comes from the Hebrew name Mary, meaning “bitter”.  There is something sweet and friendly about the name Molly.  A popular name for pets and dolls, Molly is #102 in popularity.  Molly is also associated with the iconic 80’s coming-of-age actress, Molly Kathleen Ringwald.


Bender (John)

Bender (John)

Bender ~ John Bender “the criminal” played by Judd Nelson

John is perhaps the first name that comes to most people’s minds when they think of a classic and traditional male name.  A Hebrew name, John means “God is gracious”.  Currently #27, John was a top 10 name from 1880-1986!

Judd comes from the Hebrew name Jordan, meaning “flowing down or praised”. Judd Nelson was born Judd Asher Nelson, sounds like his parents were name-lovers to me! Judd is a simple yet strong one-syllable name.




Allison ~ Allison Reynolds “the basket case” played by Ally Sheedy

Allison is variation of the name Alice, meaning “noble”. Currently #34, Allison has been in the top 100 for the past 40 years.

Ally is a popular nickname for many names, including Allison. Ally Sheedy’s full name is Alexandra Elizabeth.  On it’s own, not as a nickname, Ally is #607.  Ally is a popular nickname though for Alice, Allison, Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexis, Alexia, Allegra, and many other names.

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3 responses to “Names from The Breakfast Club

  1. This is awesome 🙂 Great movie! I totally quote this movie all the time, along with ‘Sixteen Candles’ and sometimes ‘Pretty in Pink’ 🙂 Good times 🙂

  2. This is awesome 🙂 Great movie! It totally quote this movie all the time, along with ‘Sixteen Candles’ and sometimes ‘Pretty in Pink’ 🙂 Good times 🙂

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