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I enjoy horror books, films, and shows, but I am such a scaredy-cat! American Horror Story is a TV series composed of mini-series.  Season 3, The Coven, was my first season watching.  I definitely found myself more creeped out than scared.  So far, I am equally, if not more creeped out by this season, Freak Show. With Halloween just around the corner it does seem the perfect time to look at the names of this seasons colorful characters.

Main Characters

Bette & Dot Tattler
Conjoined twins with very different personalities played by Sarah Paulson.  Freak Show is set in 1952 during which these names would have been in fashion.  Both Bette and Dot are one syllable diminutive names, presumably nicknames for Elizabeth and Dorothy.
Bette comes from Elizabeth, a timeless Hebrew name meaning “pledged to God”.  Dot is a pet name for Dorothy or Dorothea of Greek origin meaning “gift of God”.

lobsterJimmy Darling
Jimmy is the resident heart throb played by Evan Peters.  His name is a great indication of his charm.  Seriously, how darling is the surname Darling? It reminds me of the beloved Peter Pan character Wendy Moira Angela Darling.  Jimmy has a condition known as ectrodactyly or split hands, giving him the stage name, “Lobster Boy”.
Jimmy is a diminutive of the name James, meaning “supplanter”.  More common as a nickname for James, Jimmy is currently #481 in popularity (USA).

Elsa Mars
The German-born owner and manager of the Freak show played by Jessica Lange. Elsa is an aging woman who dreams of Old Hollywood stardom and glamor.  Elsa was one of the most buzzed about names last year when Disney used it for their snow queen in Frozen.
Elsa is a German diminutive name Elizabeth.  I definitely think we’ll see the name Elsa rise in popularity, it is currently #528.

Ethel Darling
beardedladyEthel is the bearded lady played by Kathy Bates.  Loyal to Elsa, Ethel is Jimmy’s mother and Dell’s ex wife.
An English name meaning “noble”, Ethel fell out of the top 1,000 in 1975. With so many vintage girls names coming back into fashion, do you think Ethel could make a comeback?

Wendell “Dell” Toledo
Dell is the freak shows strongman played by Michael Chiklis.  He’s Ethel’s ex, Jimmy’s dad, and current husband to Desiree.
Wendell is a German name meaning “to travel” that hasn’t been in the top 1,000 since 1995.strongman

Gloria Mott
A wealthy, out-of-touch heiress, and mother to Dandy. Gloria is played by Frances Conroy.
The name Gloria might be on the brink of making a comeback. A Latin name meaning “glory”. It was used recently by Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard for their little one.

Dandy Mott
The spoiled son of heiress Gloria Mott. Dandy is played by Finn Wittrock – doesn’t he have an awesome name? Dandy is enamored with the creepy clown, Twisty.
Dandy is a word used to describe a man that is self absorbed, obsessed with his appearance, and lives a life of leisure.  The meaning of this little word name perfectly describes this character.

emmaMaggie Esmerelda
By far my favorite name in the series, Maggie Esmerelda is a fortune teller and con-artist played by Emma Roberts. Maggie began as a nickname for Margaret meaning “pearl”.  Popular as a nickname or a given name, Maggie is currently #231. Esmerelda is a variation of Esmeralda, a Spanish meaning “emerald”.  This name recently made headlines when Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes used it for their little girl.

A con-artist without a conscious, Stanley is played by Dennie O’Hare. He’s often in disguise and teams up with Maggie.
Stanley is an English name meaning “near the stone filled meadow”.  It has steadily been declining in popularity.

Desiree Dupree
Desiree is intersexed and has three breasts. She’s the wife of Dell, and Jimmy’s step mother played by Angela Bassett.
A French name that has an air of mystery and romance to it. Desiree means “desired”.

Additional Characters

Twisty the Clown – played by John Carroll Lynch
Nora the maid – played by Patti La Belle
Amazon Eve – played by Erika Ervin
Bonnie Lipton – played by Skyler Samuels
Penny the candy striper – played by Grace Gummer
Pepper – played by Naomi Grossman
Paul the illustrated seal – played by Mat Fraser
Legless Suzi – played by Rose Siggins
Wes Bentley – played by Edward Mordrake
Ma Petite – played by Jyoti Amge
Major Dodson – played by Corey Bachman
Meep – played by Ben Woolf
Salty – played by Christopher Neiman

* Many more surprise characters are believed to be on this season, this is based off the information released as of now.

Have a wickedly wonderful day!

3 responses to “Names from Freak Show AHS

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  2. Don’t they have some great names? I love Elsa, Maggie, and Bonnie.

    Dandy is an old nickname for Andrew, but I wonder if it was associated with the word dandy, as in “fine and dandy”?

    Stanley is increasing in popularity in Australia, and is already in the Top 100 and rising in England/Wales.

  3. Definitely a great bunch of names. I wonder if Stanley will comeback into fashion in the U.S.

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