Names of The Week – Harry & Hermione


This weeks names are: Harry & Hermione

It’s Harry Potter week in TulipByAnyName-land! There will be a new Harry Potter themed video everyday this week on my YouTube channel! I’m very excited to talk about many of the fabulous names from this series! Let’s start with two of the main characters names, our Names of the Week, Harry and Hermione!

Harry is an English name that began as a diminutive of the name Henry, meaning “estate ruler”.  A popular nickname for Henry and Harold, Harry also stands alone as a given name. Harry is currently #707 in the United States, a vast difference from the UK where it is in the top 10!  Harry was however in the top 100 in the US until the late 1950’s.  So what happened? I wonder what keeps American’s from using Harry? It dropped in popularity long before the Harry Potter association.  Could it be too close to the word, hairy?

Hermione comes from the name of  the Greek God Hermes and means “earthly, messenger”.  The Harry Potter Series introduced this name to many of us outside of the UK.  When I hear the name Hermione, I automatically think of this smart, spunky character.  I do think Minnie or Hera would be cool nicknames for Hermione!

Speaking of Names – I love the Hogwarts House Founders Names – which is your favorite?

Hear more about the Names Harry & Hermione here:

Some More Harry Potter fun:


I’m a Hufflepuff!
The Sorting Hat – Find out what house you’d be in:

I’m Meagamione Foggyfoot!
Find out your Harry Potter Name here

Cool Family tree of names:


Wishing you a magical week

P.S. I also have a new Nameberry article out today – busy week! Check it out :


3 responses to “Names of The Week – Harry & Hermione

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  2. That one person in slytherin has got to be Voldermort haha

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