Names of the Week: Lila & Desmond

A new week calls for some new Names of The Week!
This weeks names are: Lila & Desmond

Lila – I adore the repeating “L” sound in many girls names; Lillian, Lilia, and Lila are all names I would consider using. Lila comes from the Arabic name Leila, meaning “night”. My love for the name Lila begun while reading the Sweet Valley High series (pictured below) as a tween. Lila has a spunky, fresh, feminine sound. Girly without being over the top. I favor the lie-la pronunciation, although I enjoy lee-la as well. The Lyla spelling is just a bit more popular at #153 in the U.S. versus Lila at #192.


Desmond – I picture the name Desmond on a handsome and distinguished man. An Irish surname, meaning “from South Munster”, Desmond sounds like a name rich with history. I definitely think of the Nobel Peace prize winner Desmond Tutu when I hear this name. The character Desmond Hume from the show Lost (pictured above) also comes to mind. And of course the Beatles song Obladi Oblada which will now be stuck in my head all day.

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