6 Reasons to Use a Name to Honor


The topic of honoring often comes up when choosing a baby name.  Do you want to use a name to honor a family member? A favorite author? A character? Or a political figure? There are tons of ways to honor someone in naming.  A few months ago The Name Sisters dedicated an entire episode to honoring.  Check it out for creative & cool ways to honor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zghFx6DmxKo

But why use a name to honor? Here are 6 Good Reasons to consider using a name that honors!

6 Reasons to Use a Name to Honor:

#6 Happy Memories
Names are memory keepers.  They can remind of us of a time or place.  I love looking back on happy childhood memories. I’d consider using a name of a character from one of my beloved childhood books. I’ve heard of quite a few babies that were named after the place where their parents met or went on their honeymoon.  These are names that honor and carry wonderful personal associations.

#5 Family Tradition
Are you or your partner a Junior?  Take a look back at most family trees and you’ll find several names repeat.  Men in my family have traditionally been given their father’s name as their middle name.  The practice of passing down a name is something we’re seeing less and less of in the U.S., but it is still an important legacy in many families.

#4 Loved ones lost
It’s never easy to loose a loved one.  Many people I’ve met have a first or middle name that honors a relative or family friend that has passed.  I love hearing stories about how people got their name.  What better story and way to remember someone than gifting their name to a child.

#3 Culture & Religion
Culture and religion play a huge role when it comes to naming a child.  Many cultures and religions use names of ancestors.  Some places it’s an elder and not the parents who chooses a child’s name.  A person may also be named based off the day and time in which they were born.  There are numerous cultural and religious ties when it comes to naming.

#2 Significance
I talk a lot in my videos about what names mean.  What a name means to me personally is actually more important than it’s actual given meaning.  Using a family name or a name that is significant in some way other than just liking the sound helps ground a name and gives it a story.

#1 You like it!
The most important reason to use a name that honors is that you and your significant other like it! It sounds good with the child’s surname, and you enjoy it.  The fact that the name honors is just an added bonus when you find a name perfect for your little one.

I’m honored to have you as a reader!

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