Baby Names – Q&A


I get some awesome baby name questions! Periodically I round up questions and film a Q&A on my YouTube channel.  The past month I’ve received so many juicy questions that I thought were worthy of their own blog-post!

What would you rename Wyatt Isabelle?

I can’t wait to see pictures of her, don’t you just know that’s a gorgeous baby?  Wyatt reminds me of a cowboy, I definitely think of Kevin Costner as Wyatt Earp when I hear this name.  I’d actually prefer this name in reverse, Isabelle Wyatt.  Lately I’ve been loving the Scottish spelling Isobel. I also think Ashby would be a cool twist/way to honor Ashton.  So, I’d rename her Isobel Ashby.

Our daughter is due on Christmas Eve.  Is it cheesey to use a Christmas themed name?

I’m pretty cheesey, so I don’t think so.  If you’re worried about the cheese factor, you might want to consider using a seasonal name in the middle name spot.  I would however avoid using two word names and names that could possibly make a theme, for example – Winter Ivy. Here are some Christmas names if you need some ideas: Congrats on your little one! Please let me know what name you choose!

Is Tulip a usable name?

You might have guessed that I love flower names and tulips in particular have special meaning to me.  I love the idea of using an uncommon flower name, like Tulip.  How cool would Tulip by as a middle name? Matilda Tulip, Wendy Tulip, Penelope Tulip.  Definitely usable in my book.

Would you use two middle names?

Maybe.  When I think of names and name combinations I usually think of just one middle name.  I feel like it can be a bit harder to make double middle names flow well.  I would consider using a family name as a middle and in that case, if I could make the flow work, I’d go for two middles.

How popular is too popular for you?

I like a lot of popular names.  I’d probably avoid using a name in the top 10.  To me, its more important that I use a name my partner and I love and that have significance to us, than use a name we feel lukewarm about just because its less popular.  Many of my favorite names are in the top 100.  I also like the idea of using an uncommon name with a common nickname or a common name with an uncommon nickname.

What would you name a little brother or sister to Maxwell “Max” James? We want to use another M name.

Congrats on baby M! I love Max names.  My favorite M names right now are Milo and Matilda, both of which I think would work with Max. Here are a few ideas; Milo Jude, Micah Reid, Matthew Frost, or Matilda June, Madeline Claire, and Mara Josephine. I’d love to hear what name you choose!

What name trends do you love?

I love a lot of vintage girls names that are coming back into fashion – Eloise, Rose, and Alice are a few of my favorites.  One of my favorite boys names is Everett.  I love a lot of male surnames ending in similar sounds – Beckett, Emmett, and Bennett to name a few.

I like boy names with Z’s in them like Ezra. Any suggestions?

Z’s do give names a cool factor! A few names you might enjoy – Blaze, Boaz, Cruz, Enzo, Paz, or Zion. Boaz would be my pick.

Check out the questions I just answered on my YouTube channel:

Feel free to share your answers in the comments!

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