Honoring your first Gift


As the winter holiday season of giving is coming to a close, it’s time to find new homes for the presents we’ve received.  Some items may be returned or re-gifted, and some will stay with us.  There is one gift that we all received very early on – the gift of our name!

One of the first gifts you received upon entering the world was the gift of your name.  The instant you are given this gift, your name became a part of who you are.  It is not an easy gift to tuck away in a linen closet or under a bed.  You may like or dislike your name.  The way you feel about your name may even change over the course of your lifetime.  You may decide to change your name, or go by another name.  Even if you don’t go by your given name, the name you were gifted around the time of your birth becomes a part of your history.

Names have personal and familial significance.  For example, if your name is Lisa, but you go by “Lissy”, it is important to be acknowledged as Lissy.  “Lizzie?” “Close, it’s Lissy”.  Don’t be afraid to politely correct your name.  We all deserve to be called the name that we were given, or selected for ourselves. I’ve often witnessed people, women especially, choose not to correct people who misspell or mispronounce their name.  Are we doing this to make the other party more comfortable?

I’m pretty good with names, but often in social situations I’m quickly introduced to multiple people.  It’s understandable to forget a new name or not know that Jody doesn’t spell her name Jodie.  Jody is also not Judy.  And I hope if I accidentally called her Judy, that she’d kindly remind me it’s Jody. There are numerous tactful ways to let someone know if they’ve mispronounced or misspelled your name.

I hope that you will be proud to say your name.  It may be the name your were gifted or a name you’ve adopted, either way it is just one star in the sky of what makes you, you!

I am Meagan,

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