Briar Rose by any other Name


Names from Sleeping Beauty

A few weeks ago I was up late, flipping through channels, when I stumbled across an old childhood favorite, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.  I was flooded with warm memories and I was reminded of the great names in this film! Let’s explore the names used in Sleeping Beauty.

Princess Aurora’s features were modeled after the timeless beauty, Audrey Hepburn.  A Latin name, meaning “dawn”, Aurora is also the Roman goddess of the morning.  Aurora is a name that floats on and off my personal top 10 baby names list.  It can be a bit of a mouthful for young children to say.  I love the spunky, unisex nickname “Rory” for the this feminine and grand name.  Aurora was #145 last year in popularity in the U.S.

Briar Rose
Aurora’s alias was delightful nature name Briar Rose. Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen used the name Briar Rose for their daughter in 2014. Too Disney to use together? Perhaps. Briar is English, meaning “thorny patch”. Rose is also an English name for the rose flower. I enjoy both names individually. I think Briar would make a fabulous middle name.

Prince Phillip was the first Disney Prince to be given a proper first name.  A wearable name used by many real life royals. Phillip is Greek and has one of my favorite name meanings, “lover of horses”. Currently #364 in U.S popularity, I’ve heard more buzz lately about Philippa than Phillip.

One of the most distinctive names of a Disney villain, Maleficent has Latin roots, meaning “diabolical, malevolent, and causing harm”. Angelina Jolie portrayed this character, giving us a great insight to the Sorceress in the 2014 film Maleficent.  This is a name best used as a character name.

Everyone needs a fairy godmother! Princess Aurora was lucky enough to have three! Flora, who wears red or pink, bestows the gift of beauty onto baby Aurora. A Latin name, meaning “flower”, Flora is also the Roman goddess of springtime.  A charming vintage name, only 144 girls were named Flora in the U.S. last year.

Fauna wears green and gives Aurora the gift of song.  My fairy godmother forgot to give me a great singing voice. Fauna is a Latin name and the name of the Roman goddess of fertility.  Flora and Fauna were also the names of conjoined twins in The Addams Family.

Merryweather is is the tenacious little fairy godmother that wears blue and in gifts baby Aurora the gift of sleep to be awoken by true loves kiss, to combat Maleficent’s curse.  An English surname, meaning “full of blithe”, this meaning fits the tiny fairy.  Merryweather is a fun, quirky name for this little character, but part of me wanted her to have a name that starts with the letter F like the other two fairy godmothers.


Queen Leah, Aurora’s mother, is never actually called by name in the film. She is simply referred to as “fair queen”. Currently #33 in the U.S., Leah is a popular name in many countries.  Hebrew in origin, meaning “weary”, Leah was the first wife of Jacob in the Old Testament.  Queen Leah is called Leila is the film Maleficent.

King Stefan is Aurora’s father.   Stefan is a form of the Greek name, Stephen, meaning “crown”, a fitting meaning for a king.  A minor character in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, King Stefan the ruthless villain in Maleficent.

King Hubert is the funny father of Prince Phillip. Only 32 boys were named Hubert last year in the U.S. A German name, meaning “bright heart”, Hubert has fallen out of fashion.

Samson is Prince Phillip’s loyal horse.  He has my favorite male name in the film.  A Hebrew name, meaning “sun”, Samson is currently #671 in the U.S. With the familiar nickname “Sam”, I expect to see this name rise in years to come.

A Magical 2015 to you!

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