Names that Shine!

Names that Shine!

Add a little sparkle to your names this year with these glistening baby names!

This sleek, unisex, word name has a new-age futuristic vibe. Not only is silver the name of a metal, its also an unexpected color name. Silver is the name of the horse in The Lone Ranger, as well as the name of a Pokémon character.

Goldie as a given name may come from the Yiddish name, Golda. The names Gold and Goldie have been used as a nicknames for someone with blonde hair or with the word “gold” in their surname. I definitely think of actress Goldie Hawn when I see this name.

Not to be confused with Cooper. Copper is a reddish-brown colored metal. Copper is the name of the lovable pup in Disney’s The Fox and the Hound. Copper is also a slang term for a police officer.

A bronze medal should be awarded to this interesting metal name. Bronze is an alloy composed of copper and other metals that give it a brownish-golden color. A one-syllable name, Bronze has a similar vibe to names like Brock or Blaze.

Derived from an old English word, Sterling means “excellent, of the highest quality”, and is also a grade of silver. Sterling Archer is the main character on the show Archer. I could see this unisex name wearing well on a musician!

You probably won’t find this one in your baby name books. Alloy is material that is composed of at least two metals or a metal and a nonmetal. Alloy has a familiar sound and could make for an interesting middle name.

A hard, strong, alloy that makes for a simple but commanding name. Steel or Steele is more common as a surname than a first name. Steel could make for a wonderful character name.

This mineral name is sure to be a conversation starter! Perhaps a cool name for the child of a scientist. I can just picture a little Zinc wearing a periodic table onsie. Zinc has a cool Sci-fi sound.


Have a bright & shiny weekend!

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