My Favorite Guilty Pleasure Names!


My taste in baby names tends to be a bit old fashioned and traditional.  (You can watch a video on my favorite baby names at the end of this post).  Although I love lots of classic names, I have a deep appreciation for a wide variety of names! Guilty Pleasure names are names that you love, but doubt that you’d actually name a tiny human.  Here are some of my favorite juicy GP names!

Girls GP Names

Avonlea is the name of a fictional town on Prince Edward Island created by author Lucy Maud Montgomery. I love the melodic sound and the nostalgia that this name represents for me.

A little bit country and a little bit rock n’ roll. Emmylou is a wholesome sounding name smash famously worn by singer Emmylou Harris. There’s something very sweet and warm about this name. My all time favorite girls name is Emmeline and I’d totally use Emmy and occasionally Emmylou as a nickname!

I love the sound of Gaia, although the strong “guy” sound does make me hesitant to use it. A Greek name, meaning “earth mother”. When I think of the name Gaia, I envision a beautiful, fertile, luscious green goddess.

There are dozens of juicy names from the Harry Potter series. Hedwig is a German name with a distinctive sound that means “war”. Hedwig was also the name of the beautiful actress, Hedy Lamarr.

As a child I often wore my hair in two long, dark braids like the character of Wednesday Addams. I didn’t mind the comparison, and even went through a phase where I thought I should change my name to Wednesday. I love the idea of Wynn or Winnie as nicknames for Wednesday.

from Wednesday to Wolfgang - I love a good Guilty Pleasure name!

from Wednesday to Wolfgang – I love a good Guilty Pleasure name!

Boys GP Names

You’ll notice that many names that I love, both guilty pleasure, and those I’d use, come from children’s literature. Gulliver, strongly associated with Gulliver’s Travels, is an Irish name with the unfortunate meaning “glutton”. I’m definitely attracted to “ver” in boys names. Two of my favorite names right now are Oliver and Everett.

A fun alternative to the name Nicholas, Nicodemus is Greek, meaning “victory of the people”. I actually think this name would be quite usable for the right family. It comes with the cool nickname “Nico”, or the more familiar “Nick”. Nicodemus was also a name used by Dickens.

Another name from the wonderful Harry Potter series. Garrick Ollivander is the wand-making wizard in the HP series. Ollivander has a rich sound and feels a bit like a smush between Oliver and Evander.

Salem is of Arabic and Hebrew roots and has the lovely meaning, “peace”. Salem was the talking cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and the home of famous witch trials in Massachusetts. A name rich in history, I always thought Salem had an appealing sound.

Many animal names like Wolf and Bear easily fit in on my GP list. Wolfgang is a powerful German name, meaning “traveling wolf”. It’s also the name of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – what a name!

GP Honorable Mentions:

Girls – Ermengarde, Éowyn, Evening, Ginevra, Pixie, Tigerlily, Truly
Boys – Absalom, Bear, Beauregard, Forest, Frost, Huckleberry, Midnight, Willoughby

My Current Favorite Names:

What are your favorite GP Names?

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