Names of the Week – Evangeline & Hayes


This week our names are Evangeline & Hayes

Evangeline – a grand Greek name, meaning “bearer of good news”.  Actress Evangeline Lilly, born Nicole Evangeline Lilly, brought awareness to the name Evangeline.  Evangeline has the word angel built right into it – Evangeline – a great name for a Christmas baby or to honor an Angela.

Evangeline Lilly & Hayes Carll

Evangeline Lilly & Hayes Carll

Hayes – is an English surname possibly derived from a Gaelic name, meaning “hedged area”. Country singer Hayes Carll was born Joshua Hayes Carll.  Hayes has a really interesting sound.  I can picture it on a distinguished gentleman, or a handsome cowboy.

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One response to “Names of the Week – Evangeline & Hayes

  1. I absolutely adore Evangeline! It is such a long, elegant, sophisticated and gentle name, and very feminine, it has all that I like in a name. I also like that it’s like Eve and Angeline put together, it gives this name a very complex feel. And I usually like all those “angelic” names.

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