Set Sail with these Nautical Names!


Some fun, usable , nautical inspired names for lovers of the sea and sail!

Careen (ke-REEN)
Scarlett O’Hara had a sister named Carreen in Gone With the Wind. Careen may possibly be derived from Caroline, meaning “freeman”.  Careen is also a verb, meaning to tilt a ship on it’s side so that it may be cleaned.

An straight forward choice for this category, Fisher means, “fisherman”.  Fisher is part of a growing trend of occupational surnames being used in the first name spot.  In the U.S. Fisher is currently #862 for boys.

chevboatOcéane (oh-say-AHN)
The sleek and beautiful French word for “ocean”.  Océane has a sophisticated and feminine sound.  Oceana, Greek, also meaning “ocean” is a similar and equally beautiful choice.

A cool, no-nonsense, one syllable word and nature name.  A Reef is a rock, sandbar, or other feature lying beneath the surface of the water.  Reef would be a cool name for a scuba or snorkel lover!

One of my personal favorite names.  Cordelia has Celtic roots meaning, “daughter of the sea”. A subtle nautical tie with a gorgeous meaning. I fell in love with this name whilst reading the Anne of Green Gables series.

Kai (kye)
Kai is a unisex name that has been getting lots of buzz in the baby name world. There are many meanings and origins for this strong little name.  The Hawaiian meaning of Kai is “sea”. Kai is currently #199 for boys and #915 for girls in the U.S.

A gorgeous Latin name that has been used all over the world. Marina means “from the sea”. A Marina is also a boat dock or basin. Actor Matt LeBlanc used the name Marina Pearl for his daughter – a perfectly sweet nautical name!

Anchor is a word name that I could easily see rise in popularity.  It has a similar sound to names like Asher and Archer.  Anchors can also symbolize strength and support.

A word and occupational name fitting for a sea-lover. Christie Brinkley used the name Sailor for her daughter in 1998, and Liv Tyler recently had a son named Sailor (February 2015)

Dylan is a Welsh name meaning “son of the sea”.  Many Welsh names have great meanings with ties to the ocean.  I love the connection to poet Dylan Thomas.  Dylan is currently #28 in the U.S.

Warm waves of names,

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