Sweet Pauline


Names have always given me a sense of hope and excitement for new life. I love how people’s faces change when they look at babies. We soften and light up as we look at these little miracles of life. Earlier this week actor Vin Diesel announced that he named his new born daughter Pauline, in honor of his friend and late actor, Paul Walker. I, like many others teared up when I read about this touching namesake.

Paul Walker & Vin Diesel

Paul Walker & Vin Diesel

Pauline is a French feminine form of the name Paul, which means “small”. I love researching the origins and meanings of names, but more than the given meaning, I love the personal meanings and connections people have to names. Little Pauline may never know that her name means “small”, but she will undoubtedly grow up with stories of the man she was named for. I love the story behind the name.

If you’re looking to honor a Paul, here are a few names that could work – Apolline, Apollo, Apollonia, Pablo, Pasha, Paula, Paulina, Paulette, Pauline, Paulo, Paval, Polly, and Pollyana.

Welcome to the world, sweet Pauline,

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