Beautiful Names from Road to Avonlea


Road to Avonlea was a wholesome television show based off of several of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved books. From Hetty to Felix, there were some fabulous names in this early 90’s show.

Sara Stanley
Sara – The series is largely told through the eyes of the adventurous Sara Stanley.  Sara is a variation of the name Sarah meaning princess.  I think most little girls would love to have a name that means Princess.  Sara Stanley pronounced her name SER-ə, though in many parts of the world Sara may be pronounced SAH-rah or ZAH-rah.

Henrietta “Hetty” King
Henrietta – Hetty is one of the spinster Aunt’s that Sara is sent to live with.  Henrietta is a variation of Henry, meaning estate ruler, that I can’t see making a comeback anytime soon.  Henrietta may have a heavy, schoolmarm sound to it, but the nickname “Hetty” is quite delightful.

Alec King
Alec – Alec is a wholesome farmer and Sara’s Uncle.  One of the most modern sounding names on this list, Alec is a diminutive of the name Alexander, meaning defending men. At 469 in popularity for boys in the U.S., Alec is a former nickname that now works well as a full given name.

Felicity King Pike
Felicity – Felicity is one of my favorite names from this series.  Not only was Felicity Sara’s cousin in the series, it was also the name of a popular American Girl doll.  Those two connections put Felicity on one of my first favorite baby names lists.  Felicity is a virtue name meaning happiness.

Felix King
Felix – Felix is an adorable little trouble-maker. Felix is a Latin name, meaning happy and lucky. Don’t Felicity and Felix have great meanings? Felix has a wonderful vintage vibe, but also has a modern feel with its cool “x” ending.

Cecily King
Cecily – Cecily is Sara’s sickly little cousin. Cecily comes from the name Cecil, a Latin name meaning blind. If you’re looking for a pretty, feminine name that isn’t in the top 1,000, you might consider Cecily.  Cecily also comes with a ton of wonderful nickname options.

Gus Pike
Gus – Gus is a wandering sailor. Gus can be a nickname for numerous names, including August, Augustus, and Angus.  With the rise of these name, I think we’ll see more little Gus’ about.

Clive Pettibone
Clive – Clive is a strict widower with a warm heart. Clive comes from an Old English surname meaning high cliff.  Clive has a very upper-crest, British sound to it.  The handsome Clive Owen wears this name well.

Isolde “Izzy” Pettibone
Isolde – Izzy is a tomboy and Clive’s youngest child.  Isolde has Welsh roots meaning ice ruler.  Isolde was the famous ill-fated Irish Princess from Arthurian legend. Isolde, especially with the nickname Izzy, makes a great alternative to the popular Isabella.

Eulalie Bugle
Eulalie – Eulalie is one of the town busy-bodies.  Lovers of vowel-rich, melodic names will enjoy this rare beauty. Eulalie is a French form of the name Eulalia, meaning to speak well.  As a lover of names, I can’t help but be excited when I hear this name.


May your day be as sweet as a character in Avonlea,

5 responses to “Beautiful Names from Road to Avonlea

  1. I’ve never seen this show but these are some amazing names!

  2. I first heard the name Cecily on this show, fell in love with it, and now we have a Cecily Jane! 🙂

  3. naanandmarzipan

    Love the names and the show! 🙂 I also love the fact that you spell your name the way you do – I do too!! I’m another Meagan. 🙂

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