Names of the Week – Genevieve & Colin


The Names of the Week are Genevieve & Colin


Genevieve is a French name meaning tribe woman.  Both the French pronunciation zhahn-vee-EV, and the English pronunciation JEN-ə-veev are quite elegant.  Genevieve is one of my personal favorite names.  As a nickname lover I love all the options Genevieve provides, from Evie to Neve.  Currently at #210, Genevieve has steadily been rising in recent years.

A few places you may have heard the name Genevieve…
* Genevieve Gorder – TV Host & Designer
* Genevieve Cortese – Actor
* Genevieve Angelson –  Actor
Saint Genevieve – Patron Saint of Paris

Alternative Spellings – Geneviève, Jenevieve

A few Nickname ideas – Eve, Evie, Gen, Genna, Gia, Gigi, Ginny, Ivy, Neva, Neve, Nevie, Viv, Viva, or Vivi

A few middle name ideas for the name Genevieve:
Genevieve Colette
Genevieve Luna
Genevieve Helena
Genevieve Alice
Genevieve Frances
Genevieve Pearl

If you like the name Genevieve, you may also like..
Guinevere, Gwendolen, Josephine, Evangeline, Emmeline, or Adeline.

Genevieve Gorder & Colin Firth

Genevieve Gorder & Colin Firth


Colin is an anglicized Gaelic name meaning pup.  How cute is that meaning? Colin is currently #140 in popularity, not to far from the spelling alternative Collin at #223.

A few places you may have heard the name Colin…
* Colin Firth – Actor
* Colin Hanks – Actor
* Colin Farrell – Actor
* Colin Craven – character in The Secret Garden

Alternative Spellings – Collin, Cóilean, Cailean

A few Nickname ideas – Colly, Cole

A few middle name ideas for the name Colin:
Colin Asher
Colin Reilly
Colin Elliott
Colin Royce
Colin Henry
Colin Seamus

If you like the name Colin, you may also like..
Calvin, Callum, Caelan, Collier, Collins, or Conall

What do you think of the names Genevieve & Colin?

Enjoy the last few days of Spring before Summer,


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