Names of the Big Brother House Guests!


Summer just doesn’t quite feel like summer to me until Big Brother begins. Season 17 begins Wednesday, June 24th.  Let’s look at the house guests and their names before we get to know them next week!

Audrey to me is the epitome of a ladylike name. At #36 in popularity, modern parents are recognizing the beauty of this timeless classic.  Audrey is an English name meaning noble strength. Audrey shares her name with the iconic beauty, Audrey Hepburn.


Austin comes from the historic name Augustine, meaning magnificent. Austin has been in the top 100 for boys since 1986, peaking at #9 in 1997. Currently #66, Austin shares his name with the capital city of Texas.


Becky has a sweet, wholesome, girl-next-door sound.  Becky is a diminutive of the Hebrew name, Rebecca, meaning servant of God. Becky hasn’t ranked on its own since 1992, however Rebecca is currently #182.


Clay is a strong, one-syllable word name. Clay comes from the English surname Clayton, meaning one who works with clay or lives near good clay. Clay is currently #842 in popularity.


Da’Vonne is a modern invented name. The name Vonne or Von has Nordic roots and means to hope. Da’Vonne may also be a variation of Devon, an English place name.  Da’Vonne has never been in the top 1,000.


Jace is a name on the rise.  Currently #68, Jace is up 112 spots just in the last 5 years!  Jace is a diminutive of Jason, a Hebrew name meaning the Lord is Salvation.  The spellings Jase and Jayce are also in the top 1000.


James is a well loved, timeless classic, that just re-entered the U.S. top 10 boys names last year at #9. James is an English variation of the Hebrew name Jacob, meaning supplanter. There are many nicknames for James – from the traditional Jim, Jimmy, and Jamie, to the spunky Jem and Jamesy.


Jason peaked in the 1970’s and has been in the top 100 since 1966.  Currently #75, Jason remains a well used American stable. A Greek name, meaning to heal, Jason has moved in the charts much, even with the rise of similar names like Jace and Mason.


It doesn’t get much more classic than John.  A Hebrew name meaning God is gracious, John has been popular in the U.S. since names have been recorded. Currently #26, John has never dropped below #28.


Liz is one of the many diminutive names that comes from the Hebrew name Elizabeth, meaning pledged to God. Liz was in the top 1,000 briefly on its own from 1956-1969, though it has always been much more popular as a nickname for Elizabeth.


First Liz, now Meg! Pretty exciting for yours truly, Meagan Elizabeth 😉 Meg is definitely a popular nickname for Meagan/Megan, though it  originally was a common diminutive of the Greek name Margaret, meaning pearl.


Shelli, like many names ending in the sound “lee” can be spelled multiple ways.  Shelli is a variant of the Old English surname Shelley, meaning clearing on the bank.  Shelli is also a commonly used as a nickname for Michelle.


Steve is a diminutive of the name Steven meaning garland or crown.  Steve is currently #858 in popularity, while Steven is #141. Steve has consistently ranked in the top 1,000 since 1900 on it’s own. Modern parents are opting for the full name Steven, with the nickname Steve.


Vanessa is a literary name invented by Jonathan Swift who combined Van from the surname Vanhomrigh and Essa, a nickname for Esther. Most popular in 1988, Vanessa is currently #171.  Vanessa is also the name of a species of butterflies.


I’d love to hear what you think of this diverse group of names!
Learn more about the House Guests at

Happy Watching!


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