Names of the Miss America Contestants


The 89th Miss America pageant will be held on September 13, 2015 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Name lovers will be delighted by 51 contestants with 51 names ranging from Clark to Sarah. Let’s take a look at the names of the Miss America Contestants.

Stand-out Names

BettyBetty Cantrell, Miss Georgia
Betty has a sweet vintage feel. A diminutive of Elizabeth, Betty is a name that was popular in the 1930’s and rare in the 1990’s. Contestant Betty Cantrell’s first name is Baciliky.

ClarkClark Janell Davis, Miss Kentucky
Clark is an occupational name meaning a scribe or a clerk. Currently at number 382 for boys in the US, Clark is not in the Top 1,000 for girls. Clark’s first name is her mother’s maiden name.

DajaDaja Dial, Miss South Carolina
Daja Kisubo is one of the main characters in the Circle of Magic book series. The name Daja is of unknown meaning but may be a variation of Deja.

DelanieDelanie Wiedrich, Miss North Dakota
Delanie has a spunky, friendly feel. Delanie is a spelling variation of Delaney, and Irish name meaning dark challenger. A popular Irish surname, Delanie is not in the Top 1,000, while Delaney is currently number 268.

KrissiaKrissia Beatty, Miss Utah
Krissia has an up-beat Princess sound. The meaning of Krissia is unknown, although most names beginning with “Kris” or “Chris” mean Christian.

MeaganMeagan Fuller, Miss Massachusetts
I always get excited when I see someone that spells their name the same way that I do. Meagan is a Welsh name meaning pearl. The Meagan spelling was in the 200’s when I was born, in the early 80’s, and rose about 50 spots in the early 90’s when Meagan Fuller was born. Today Meagan is not in the Top 1,000 but Megan is number 308.

RosalieRosalie Smith, Miss Wisconsin
The Twilight Saga introduced many people to the name Rosalie. Rosalie is a French form of the name Rosalia meaning rose. Rosalie was most popular in 2014 at number 310.

Same Name

This year there are three contestants named Hannah – Miss Kansas, Miss Mississippi, and Miss Tennessee. Hannah is a Hebrew name meaning grace, a fitting meaning for a poised beauty queen. Currently number 28 in the US, Hannah was at spot 16 the year most of these contestants were born.

The competition includes two women named Destiny – Miss Maryland and Miss Puerto Rico. Will either of them be destined to win? Destiny is a word name, currently number 160 it was much more popular at 86, the year these contestants were born.

Full list of Contestants

Alabama – Meg McGuffin
Alaska – Zoey Grenier
Arizona – Madison Esteves
Arkansas – Loren McDaniel
California – Bree Morse
Colorado – Kelley Johnson
Connecticut – Colleen Ward
Delaware – Brooke Mitchell
District of Columbia – Haely Jardas
Florida – Mary Katherine Fechtel
Georgia – Betty Cantrell
Hawaii – Jeanné Kapela
Idaho – Kalie Wright
Illinois – Crystal Davis
Indiana – Morgan Jackson
Iowa – Taylor Wiebers
Kansas – Hannah Wagner
Kentucky – Clark Janell Davis
Louisiana – April Nelson
Maine – Kelsey Earley
Maryland – Destiny Clark
Massachusetts – Meagan Fuller
Michigan – Emily Kieliszewski
Mississippi – Hannah Roberts
Missouri – McKensie Garber
Montana – Danielle Wineman
Nebraska – Alyssa Howell
Nevada – Katherine Kelley
New Hampshire – Holly Blanchard
New Jersey – Lindsey Giannini
New Mexico – Marissa Livingston
New York – Jamie Lynn Macchia
North Carolina – Kate Peacock
North Dakota – Delanie Wiedrich
Ohio – Sarah Hider
Oklahoma – Georgia Frazier
Oregon – Ali Wallace
Pennsylvania – Ashley Schmider
Puerto Rico – Destiny Vélez
Rhode Island – Alexandra Curtis
South Carolina – Daja Dial
South Dakota – Autumn Simunek
Tennessee – Hannah Robison
Texas – Shannon Sanderford
Utah – Krissia Beatty
Vermont – Alayna Westcom
Virginia – Savannah Lane
Washington – Lizzi Jackson
West Virginia – Chelsea Malone
Wisconsin – Rosalie Smith
Wyoming – Mikaela Shaw

Which contestant do you think has the best name?

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