Checking In – Names from American Horror Story: Hotel


The fifth season of American Horror Story promises to bring thrills, chills, and some great names! Let’s look at the names of some of the main characters from American Horror Story: Hotel.

Main Characters

Kathy Bates as Iris

Kathy Bates as Iris

Iris is the hotel manager. Portrayed by Kathy Bates.
Iris is a not only the name of a beautiful flower, is it also Greek meaning rainbow. In Greek mythology Iris was the goddess of the rainbow. Iris has gradually been climbing the charts, currently Number 245 in popularity.

James March built the hotel and was the original owner. Portrayed by Evan Peters.
James is a classic name that just re-entered the Top 10 at Number 9 in 2014. James is an English form of the name Jacob, meaning supplanter. Several celebrities have recently used the name James as first or middle names for their daughters.

Sally is a drug-addicted hotel resident. Portrayed by Sarah Paulson.
Sally was one of my Names of the Week this week, a nod to Sally in The Nightmare before Christmas. I was surprised by the positive reaction Sally received! Sally is a diminutive of Sarah meaning Princess.

Wes Bentley as John

Wes Bentley as John

John Lowe is a detective that moves into the hotel. Portrayed by Wes Bentley.
It doesn’t get much more classic than John. A Hebrew name meaning God is gracious, John is currently Number 26. There are numerous great variants of John, from Ian to Johannes.

Alex Lowe is a pediatrician and detective Lowe’s wife. Portrayed by Chloë Sevigny.
Alex is a unisex name that works well on either sex. For girls we often see Alex used as a nickname for Alexandra, Alexandria, and Alexis. Alex stems from the Greek name Alexander, meaning defender of the people.

Liz Taylor is the eccentric hotel bartender. Portrayed by Denis O’Hare.
Liz is a popular nickname for Elizabeth. The epitome of a timeless name, Elizabeth is Number 14 and has never ranked below Number 26 in the U.S. A Hebrew name, Elizabeth means God is my oath.

Denis O’Hare as Liz Taylor

Denis O’Hare as Liz Taylor

Will Drake is the hotel’s new owner. Portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson.
Will is a diminutive of William meaning resolute protection. Will can also work as a word name. Will is Number 763 on its own, while William comes in at Number 5.

Ramona Royale is a film star. Portrayed by Angela Bassett.
I fell in love with the name Ramona reading the Beverley Cleary series starring the character Ramona Quimby. Ramona is a feminine form of the Spanish name Ramon, meaning wise protector.

Lady Gaga as "The countess" Elizabeth

Lady Gaga as “The countess” Elizabeth

“The CountessElizabeth is a sex and blood crazed murderer. Portrayed by Lady Gaga.
“The Countess” bears the beautiful name Elizabeth as well. Since we already looked at Elizabeth, let’s talk about Countess as a given name. Countess is a word name or title referring to the wife of a count or an earl.

Donovan is Elizabeth’s lover. Portrayed by Matt Bomer.
Donovan is an Anglicized Irish surname meaning dark. Currently Number 284 in popularity, Donovan would be a great name to use if you are looking to honor a Donald.

Additional Characters


Marcy portrayed by Christine Estabrook
Gabriel portrayed by Max Greenfield
Detective Hahn portrayed by Richard T. Jones
Scarlett Lowe portrayed by Shree Crooks
Agnetha portrayed by Helena Mattsson
Vendela portrayed by Kamilla Alnes
Holden Lowe portrayed by Lennon Henry
Lachlan Drake portrayed by Lyric Lennon
Tristan Duffy portrayed by Finn Wittrock
Claudia portrayed by Naomi Campbell
Aileen Wuornos portrayed by Lily Rabe
Justin portrayed by Darren Criss

* Many more surprise characters are believed to be on this season, this is based off the information released as of now.

2 responses to “Checking In – Names from American Horror Story: Hotel

  1. I find the kids names way more appealing than the dads, for sure. James, Will and John make me snooze.

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