Best Names for Boys from the bottom of the charts


Last week we explored some gorgeous girl’s names ranging between 900 and 1,000 in the charts. This week let’s find some inspiring choices for the fellas at the bottom of the Social Security Administration’s Top 1,000 chart.

Thatcher is an English surname and occupational name meaning a roof thatcher. Thatcher just entered the US Top 1,000 in 2013 and currently ranks at Number 902. Thatcher makes for a fresh choice and alternative to similar sounding occupational surnames like Carter or Sawyer. Thatcher always reminds me of Becky Thatcher, the leading lady in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Any fans of Grey’s Anatomy out there? Grey is a smooth color name that just entered the Top 1,000 in 2013.  Currently Number 916, Grey is one of my favorite middle names, and sounds good with many longer first names. Grey is also being used as a nickname for Greyson, which currently ranks at Number 111.

Keenan may remind you of comedians Keenan Ivory Wayans and Kenan Thompson. An Irish name meaning ancient, Keenan currently ranks at Number 931. Keenan peaked in 1997 when it reached Number 354, but has steadily declined every year since.

Boone first entered the Top 1,000 last year and is currently the highest it has ever ranked at Number 940. Boone is an English surname derived from a French name meaning a blessing.  Boone has a cool cowboy feel and may conjure up images of frontiersman Daniel Boone.

Cairo gets double cool points for being a place name and ending in the smooth letter o. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and means victorious in Arabic.  Cairo first entered the Top 1,000 last year, when it peaked at Number 941.

There are many high-ranking handsome Irish names.  If you’d love to honor your Irish heritage, but want something a bit less used, you may consider Seamus.  Seamus is an Irish form of James meaning supplanter that currently ranks at Number 948. Seamus is the name of a Pink Floyd song and a character from Harry Potter.

Anton is a German and Scandinavian form of Anthony, meaning priceless.  Anton is Number 960, much less popular than Antony at Number 25. Anton may remind you of Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno or writer Anton Chekhov.

People are wild about Wilder! Wilder was one of the fastest rising names last year, jumping 360 spots and making its debut in the Top 1,000 at Number 964.  Wilder is a surname and a word name that could be associated with the lovable namesakes Laura Ingalls Wilder or Gene Wilder.

Truman is an English surname meaning loyal or trusty man.  Truman peaked in 1945, the year Harry S. Truman, the 33rd US President took term.  Currently Number 981 in popularity, Truman has been declining in popularity.  The hip nickname True may make Truman feel fresh to modern parents.

My love of the name Gilbert stems from my love of the character Gilbert Blythe in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved Anne of Green Gables book series. Gilbert is a German name meaning shining pledged, currently ranked at Number 983. Gilbert peaked in 1930, but has dropped several spots in recent years.

What are your favorite names ranking from 900 to 1,000?

6 responses to “Best Names for Boys from the bottom of the charts

  1. Of these I really like Seamus, Anton, and Thatcher. From the 900-1000 range, I also love Alfred, Ignacio, Ephraim, Ernest, Achilles, and Robin!

  2. Hi! I randomly started watching your YouTube videos & I wanted to let you know I think you are adorable, have great taste in names, have a really nice voice & also share a bday with my hubby (&justin bieber & Kesha too, for that matter)💞I have also been super into baby names my whole life! I have three now & I gave them names I don’t ever think I would’ve thought of when I was younger. They are: Karoline Lucinda, Bjorn James & Lars Wilhelm. Lars is my baby (who was a huge surprise and predicted by some weird psychic guy in a grocery store)& I actually *dreamed* he was named Lars Wilhelm (but did not decide on that until the very end). I sincerely doubt I will have another kiddo, but if I did, and she was a girl, I just might name her Paige. I also LOVE the name Gloria. What about Posy? Names are so fun. It is the nature of a poet to name things 😊

    • Awe, thanks so much for watching and taking the time to stop by! Great day to be born 😉 Posy is pretty cute. I think it would be a cute nickname for Josephine or Mariposa. Lars Wilhelm is very handsome, great naming!!

  3. I just started to watch yoiur YouTube videos too, and needless to say, I think they’re absolutely wonderful. You seem like a very creative person – I think you should continue making videos. Maybe expand them into adventure vlogs! Needless to say I am a serious fan!!! – LAG

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