Cow Baby Names

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Wait, what?!? Yes, you read that right, Cow Baby Names! These are a few great names popular with cows that you may also love using for your little darling!

An Italian name meaning beautiful, many think of Bella as being a nickname for Isabella, but did you know that Bella ranks at Number 50 all on its own? Della and Ella are also well loved for cows and babes!

Good Ole’ Bessie is moving on up from frumpy=granny to vintage-chic. Bessie is one of the many nicknames for Elizabeth, meaning God is my oath. Bess and Betsy also have similar vibes and shared origins.

Clara and Belle are two stunning names and whenever I suggest the name smoosh of Clarabelle I often getting the response that it sounds like a cow! Thanks, Disney 🙂 Clarabelle has Latin roots meaning bright and beautiful.

A darling little flower name and diminutive of Margaret, Daisy is popular with a slew of pets but as well as little girls. Daisy currently ranks at Number 170 in popularity.

Darla totally has a retro vibe going on and if Finding Nemo didn’t ruin it for you, it has the intuitive meaning of darling. Darla is prime for hipster pickings as it walks the line of cute and ugly.

Most Gertie fans fell for this name watching a young Drew Barrymore in E.T. Like Darla, Gertie is a bit polarizing and can be seen as cute or hideous. Gertie comes from the name Gertrude, meanings strength of spear.

I know two dogs and one teenage girl named Lola. Extremely popular for pets, Lola, a diminutive of Delores, ranks at Number 240 for girls in the U.S. A prime example of a name people seem to love equally for four-legged-friends and children.

Do you love Lucy? A great many of us do. Lucy has a soft sweetness to it that ties it to youthfulness, and innocence making it fit of calf or girl. A Latin name meaning light, Lucy is Number 52 for little girls.

Minnie, Daisy, and Clarabelle, hmm clearly this Nanny has seen an episode too many of Mickey Mouse. Minnie has a sweet, vintage vibe and it is kinda a funny choice for a not-so-small animal.

Sweet Sadie, like many of these names Sadie has a comforting an endearing ring to it. Sadie comes from Sarah, meaning princess. Sadie has been well-loved in recent years, ranking at Number 71.

Which of these would you use? For a cow or a tiny human?

6 responses to “Cow Baby Names

  1. Reblogged this on My Inner MishMash and commented:
    Hah, interesting idea for a post from TulipByAnyName, so, quite traditionally, I’m sharing with you guys. 😀 There are quite a few names here that I like, and also a few that I love. I absolutely adore Lucy, it’s so very endearing. Bella is lovely as well, I’m crazy for -ella names, there are so many great ones among them. Here in Poland Bella’s also on the rise (thanks to “Twilight”, I guess), but so far it’s only #365 as I just saw. and, despite I think I wouldn’t give this name to a child, rather to a character or something, I love Clarabelle. It sounds really sweet, and vintage. I guess I like Claribel even more though. Daisy’s cool, despite being a form of Margaret, and there aren’t many forms of this name I would really like.
    Which are your favourites? 🙂

  2. Ha, LOL to your comment on Finding Nemo ruiing the name Darla. I really love some of these names. Bertha is the most common cow’s name here in the Netherlands I believe, and it’s also a cool name for a baby girl.

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  4. Being that I took that photo of my daughter, might I suggest Jocelyn? No particular reason why… 😉

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