Latin meaning “damn”
Mysterious. Mythical. Melodic. 

Aurora is a lightly exotic beauty that has swiftly been climbing the charts. Currently ranked at Number 44, Aurora is more popular now than ever. In Alaska Aurora was the most popular name given to baby girls in 2018. Aurora is unique in her diversity. She’s a mythological name, a nature name, a Disney name, and a Southern belle name, which have all contributed to her recent rise in usage.

According to ancient Roman mythology Aurora was the goddess of the morning. Fittingly, Aurora has Latin roots and means dawn. You may also connect Aurora to the northern lights , aurora borealis or the southern lights of aurora australis. Two great heavenly ties to this grand name.

In Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Aurora is the beautiful cursed Princess. Aurora has a feminine Princess-worthy flare while still lending herself to the spunk unisex nickname Rory. And who could forget Shirley Maclaine’s portrayal of the character Aurora Greenway in Terms of Endearment?

❤ Sisters to Aurora: Bronwen, Cressida, Genevieve, Scarlet, Tallulah

❤Brothers to Aurora: Dominic, Ezra, Leo, Orion, Roman

❤ Middle Name Suggestions: Aurora Giselle, Aurora Jane, Aurora Lily, Aurora Vivienne, Aurora Winter

❤ Names with a similar vibe to Aurora: Aurelia, Elora, Lorelei, Magnolia, Seraphina

What do you think of the name Aurora?


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