Meet Meagan

“Names are like flowers, I wish I could pick them all” –Meagan

Welcome to TulipByAnyName. I’m Meagan and as you may have guessed, have a cropped-picture-142passion for baby names.  My love of baby names led me to start a baby name YouTube channel in 2014. That channel, also called TulipByAnyName, became a wonderful platform for me to connect with other name enthusiasts. I have since started this name blog and written many posts for various name and genealogy websites.  When I’m not obsessing about names I’m out exploring cultural cuisine with my wonderful boyfriend or creating in my art journal. Welcome again, I hope to help you discover a beautiful bouquet on names here!





6 responses to “Meet Meagan

  1. Freja in danish rhymes with Maia and Gaia. 🙂

  2. in one of the next videos you make may you please include the name Emiliano/Emilio…i love those name and cannot choose between them. I don’t have kids yet but id really like to name my son one of them if i ever do have children..i would like to hear your thoughts on these names..

  3. Meagan, I’ve just nominated you for Blogger Appreciation Award. 🙂
    Kind regards! 🙂

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