Meet Meagan

Hello, friends!

Picture 395Welcome! I’m Meagan, that’s right, Meagan with an “a,” a kindred spirit to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne with an “e.” A fairly common name with a less common spelling definitely contributed to my observation of names.  I can recall naming and re-naming my dolls as a very young child. My love of names and fascination of etymology led me to begin a YouTube channel (linked below) devoted to names in 2014. That channel, also called TulipByAnyName, became a wonderful platform for me to connect with other name enthusiasts. I have since started this name blog and had the opportunity to write for name and genealogy websites. In addition to names I love letter writing, art journaling, exploring varied cultural cuisines. Welcome again and I truly hope I help you discover names to add to your beautiful bouquet.

“Names are like flowers, I wish I could pick them all” –Meagan

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6 responses to “Meet Meagan

  1. Freja in danish rhymes with Maia and Gaia. 🙂

  2. in one of the next videos you make may you please include the name Emiliano/Emilio…i love those name and cannot choose between them. I don’t have kids yet but id really like to name my son one of them if i ever do have children..i would like to hear your thoughts on these names..

  3. Meagan, I’ve just nominated you for Blogger Appreciation Award. 🙂
    Kind regards! 🙂

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