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Keep Counting – The Duggar Grandkids


The Duggar kids are growing up and quite a few have become parents. The more the merrier for fans and name lovers alike! Let’s look at the names of the Duggar grand-babies, and I invite you to share your favorites!

Mackynzie Renee born October 8, 2009 – daughter of Josh & Anna Duggar
Mackynzie is a spelling variation of the Scottish Mackenzie, meaning son of Kenneth.

Michael James born June 15, 2011 – son of Josh & Anna Duggar
Michael is a classic Hebrew name meaning who is like the Lord.

Marcus Anthony born June 2, 2013 – son of Josh & Anna Duggar
Marcus is a strong Latin name meaning warlike.

Israel David born April 6, 2015 – son of Jill & Derick Dillard
Israel is a Hebrew place name meaning he who struggles with God.

Meredith Grace born July 16, 2015 – daughter of Josh & Anna Duggar
Meredith is a Welsh name meaning great ruler.

Spurgeon Elliot born November 11, 2015 – son of Jessa & Ben Seewald
Spurgeon is a unique Norse name meaning little branch.

Henry Wilberforce born February 6, 2017 – son of Jessa & Ben Seewald
Henry is a rising German name meaning estate ruler.

Samuel Scott born July 8, 2017 – son of Jill & Derick Dillard
Samuel is a Hebrew name meaning told by God.

Mason Garrett born September 12, 2017 – son of Josh & Anna Duggar
Mason is a popular English name meaning stone worker.

Gideon Martyn born February 23, 2018 – son of Joy-Anna & Austin Forsyth
Gideon is a Hebrew name meaning hewer.

Garrett David born June 8, 2018 – son of Joseph & Kendra Duggar
Garrett is an Irish variant of Gerard, meaning spear strength.

Felicity Nicole born July 20, 2018 – son of Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo
Felicity is a Latin name meaning happiness and good fortune

My favorites? Well that little Spurgeon sure is adorable but I’d vote Felicity and Gideon as my favorite names in the bunch, what are yours? Who will be the next Duggar to bring a new grand baby to the bunch?

Names from Disney’s “COCO”


Parents and caregivers are always up on the latest children’s films to be released on Netflix. Disney Pixar’s “Coco” is all the rage right now. As I sat cross-legged on the floor to watch the delightful film for the third time this week, I kept wondering how the characters were related to one another and what their beautiful names meant.  SPOILER ALERT – not everyone in the film is who they seem, and this article reveals family names and connections.  I feel like I should start with Miguel, our stories protagonist, but my OCD mind feels like its better to start from the Top down.  See the graphic at the end of this article to see how everyone connects.

Imelda “Mamá  Imelda” – The sassy, suborn, matriarch of the family and Miguel’s Great-Great-Grandmother.  Voiced by Alanna Ubach. Imedla is a Spanish and Italian name meaning all-consuming fight, quite the perfect meaning for this fiery character.

Héctor – Talented and goofy Héctor is the guy we’re all rooting for.  We learn that he is Miguel’s Great-Great-Grandfather. Voiced by Gael García Bernal. Héctor is a Greek name widely used around the world.  Hector means holding fast and currently ranks at Number 317 in the U.S.

Oscar – One part of the lovable twin Uncles, “Tíos Oscar & Felipe.”  Oscar is one of Miguel’s Great-Great-Uncles. Voices by Herbert Siguenza. Oscar has English and Irish roots, though it’s been used in various countries and even has a bit of a hipster vibe. Rated at Number 192 Oscar has the adorable meaning, deer lover.

Felipe – The other half of the twin Uncle-Duo of “Tíos Oscar & Felipe.” Felipe is one of Miguel’s Great-Great-Uncles, also voiced by Herbert Siguenza. Much less popular than Oscar, Felipe, the Spanish form of Philip and ranks at Number 782.

Socorro “Coco” – The bearer of the films name, Socorro, better known as “Mamá Coco,” voiced by Ana Ofelia Murguia. Socorro is also the name of Miguel’s baby sister, born at the end of this film. A Spanish name meaning succour, help, or relief, the nickname “Coco” makes this name feel a bit more usable.

Julio – Miguel’s late great-grandfather, “Papá Julio” is lovable and kind. Voiced by Alfonso Arau. Julio is a Spanish form of Julius meaning youthful.  Julio is popular with Latino families and currently ranks at Number 499 in the U.S.

Rosita – Tía Rosita, Papá Julio’s sister is cheerful and adorable. I would’ve loved to see more of her in the film. Rosita is voiced by Selene Luna. Rosita is a Spanish nickname for Rosa, meaning rose. Rosita isn’t ranked within the Top 1,000, though Rosa comes in at Number 672.

Franco – Franco, “Papá Franco”, is Miguel’s grandfather and his name is totally ready for a revival. I think his namesake is in honor of the film composer, Germaine Franco.  Franco is an Italian form of Francis and currently ranks at Number 728 in popularity.

Elena – better known as “Abuelita”, Miguel’s Grandma is a bit or a tyrant though lovable, and full of good intentions.  Abuelita Elena is voiced by Renee Victor.  Elena is a Spanish form of Helen meaning bright, shining light.  Elena is trending right now and currently ranks at Number 67 in popularity.

Victoria –  Tía Victoria, Miguel’s Great-Aunt is a bit buttoned-up and no-nonsense like her Grandmother, Imelda. Voice by Dyana Ortellí, Tia Victoria would be a fun character to play.  Victoria is a classic Latin name meaning victory, currently ranked at Number 19.

Enrique  – Miguel’s  father, “Papá” is a loyal family man.  Voiced by Jaime Camil. Enrique is a Spanish form of Henry, meaning estate ruler.  Enrique isn’t quite as popular as Henry, it ranks at Number 487.

Luisa – Miguel’s mother, “Mamá ” is sensitive to her son and pregnant for most of the film with his little sister. Voiced by Sofia Espinosa. Luisa is an Italian feminine form of Louis meaning renowned warrior. Luisa isn’t in the Top 1,000 though the spelling Louisa ranked at Number 752.

Gloria – Gloria is Miguel’s Aunt or Tía. She’s outspoken and has fun makeup, don’t we all have a Gloria in our lives? Gloria is a Latin name meaning glory that ranks at Number 561.  I predict that glory, this names meaning, will take off in the years to come.

Berto  Tío Berto, Miguel’s Uncle, is voiced by Luis Valdez. Berto is quite a little character, a bit clumsy, but also a kind family man.  Berto is a Spanish nickname for names like Alberto, Roberto, and other names with similar endings. As a stand-alone name, Berto is not in the Top 1,000.

Carmen – Carmen is Berto’s wife, and Miguel’s Aunt or Tía. Carmen is a Spanish form of Carmel and means garden. Carmen is an attractive name that works well in various languages and currently ranks at Number 405 in the United States.

Abel – Abel is Miguel’s dutiful cousin who like his father is a bit of a klutz. Abel is a Hebrew name meaning breath that people are loving.  Currently ranked at Number 146, Abel is one of those names more popular than many may realize.

Rosa – Rosa is another one of Miguel’s cousins.  I love how they dressed her in the film.  Rosa may have been named for her Tía Rosita.  Rosa means rose and ranks at Number 672.

Benny – One half of Miguel’s twin-cousin duo of Benny and Manny.  Benny may be a dimiuntive of a multitude of Ben names – from Benjamin to Benicio. I think Benicio would be a handsome and fitting fuller name for this character.

Manny – Benny’s twin brother, and Miguel’s cousin, is Manny. Manny is a diminutive of Emmanuel, a Hebrew name meaning God is with us.  Manny may also work as a nickname for Manuel, which I think would fit this character’s heritage well.

Miguel – Finally we get to our tenacious and talented little Miguel. Vocied my Anthony Gonzalez. Miguel is a Spanish and Portuguese form of the name Michael, meaning who is like the Lord. Miguel is a well-loved name, ranking at Number 176 in the U.S.

Ernesto – I had to included another lead character, the antagonist, Ernesto de la Cruz voiced by Benjamin Bratt. Ernesto is a Spanish and Italian form of Ernest meaning serious and resolute.  Ernesto currently ranks at Number 708 in popularity.

What are your favorite names from the Rivera Family?



The Best Celeb Baby Names of the Year (so far)


Doesn’t it seem like we we’re just ringing in the New Year? Spring is in bloom and we’re already four months into 2018, so let’s see what names celebrities treated us to in the first quarter!

Classy Choices
When you think of celebrity baby names often the weird and the wacky come to mind. These are some more popular and classic names that are lovely and wearable. Tabitha Simmons & Robert Livingston “Topper” Mortimer went for a classy combo for their daughter Violet Elizabeth. Eddie and Hannah Redmayne picked the timeless name Luke Richard for their little leading man.

Christina Perri and Paul Costabile wowed us with the rare and grand name Carmella.

Double The Name Fun
2018 has given us two sets of twins so far! Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrell welcomed sweet country cuties Betsy Mack and Emory Joann. AJ Buckley and Abby Ochse dazzled us with twin boys named Bodhi Robert and Ranger Joseph.

Vintage Delights
Jack & Lisa Osbourne welcomed third daughter Minnie Theodora in February. She joins older sisters Pearl Clementine and Andy Rose. These two truly are namers at heart!

A Touch of Whimsy
Aaron Paul and Danielle Hart chose Story Annabelle for their first daughter. I sweet word name anchored with a sensable and equally lovely middle name.

Kardashian Korner
Love em’ or hate em’ the Kardashian’s have had a big pull on names in recent years. Two new little ones have recently joined the family! Kim & Kanye West welcomed daughter Chicago in January followed by little sister Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s first child, Stormi born in February.

You can watch me chat about these names and more here:

Little People, Big Names


The Roloff Family became household names with their TLC show Little People, Big World which follows a family of six, three of which have dwarfism. The Roloff parents have separated since the show aired but the family continues to grow as all four of the children are in relationships and the two eldest sons have become father’s themselves. Let’s take a look at names from this growing little family!

The Roloff Parents

Matthew “Matt” James Roloff
Matthew James Roloff is the patriarch of the Roloff bunch. Matthew is a timeless Hebrew name meaning gift of God.  Matthew was ranked at Number 59 in 1961 when Roloff was born, though today its much more commonly used at Number 15. The Spanish variant Mateo is also on the rise. Matthew ranks within the Top 100 in Australia, Canada, England and Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Matt is currently dating Caryn Chandler.

Amy Jo Knight Roloff
Amy Jo Knight, Matt’s ex-wife, is the Roloff matriarch. Amy is a French name meaning beloved that peaked in 1976 when it was the Number 2 girls name in the US. Amy ranked at Number 44 the year Roloff was born and today comes in at spot Number 176. We may be hearing Amy more as a nickname as Amelia climbs the charts. Amy could also work as a nickname to Amandine, Amaryllis, Amelie, Amethyst, and Amity. Amy is currently dating Chris Marek.

The Roloff Kids

Jeremy James Roloff
The twin brothers Jeremy and Zach are the eldest. Jeremy James, who sometimes goes by the nickname “Jer,” shares the same middle name as his father. Jeremy is an English form of the Hebrew name Jeremiah meaning appointed by God. Jeremy ranked at Number 40 in 1990 when Roloff was born, but has since declined in popularity currently ranked at Number 184. I’ve always been fond of the name Jeremy and believe it could be more appealing to modern parents with the nickname “Remy.”

Zachary Luke “Zach” Roloff
Zachary Luke, predominantly called “Zach,” is the other twin in duo of Zach and Jeremy. Zachary is a Hebrew name meaning God has remembered. Zachary peaked in the mid 1990’s just a few years after Roloff was given his name in 1990 when it was Number 22. Today Zachary ranks at Number 90, the lowest its been since the late 1970s.

Molly Jo Roloff Silvius
Molly Jo is the only girl in the bunch and she shares her the middle name Jo with her mother. Molly is a sweet, wholesome sounding diminutive of the Hebrew name Mary meaning bitter. Molly ranked at Number 87 in 1993 when Roloff Silvius was born and today comes in at Number 157. Molly has a special place in my heart as it reminds me of American Girl doll and character Molly McIntire.

Jacob George Roloff
Jacob, who sometimes goes by “Jake”, is the youngest of the Roloff siblings. Jacob is a well-loved Hebrew name meaning supplanter that is currently the Number 7 boys name in the US. Jacob ranked at Number 2 in 1997 when Roloff was born. Jacob was the most popular boys name from 1999-2007, so chances are you know a Jacob or two.

The Roloff Kids Partners

Audrey Mirabella Botti Roloff
Jeremy Roloff married Audrey Mirabella Botti in September 2014. Doesn’t Audrey Mirabella sound like a name straight from a name-lover’s favorites list? Audrey is an English name meaning noble strength that reminds many of the lovely and classy Audrey Hepburn. Audrey ranked at Number 169 in 1991 when Roloff was born but has been steadily climbing the charts, today ranked at Number 39.

Victoria Elizabeth “Tori” Patton Roloff
Zach Roloff married Victoria Elizabeth “Tori” Patton in July 2015. Victoria almost exclusively goes by the nickname Tori, though her given name, Victoria Elizabeth is quite regal. Victoria has long been a classic name in the US, ranking at Number 28 in 1991 when Roloff was born and today at Number 21. Victoria is a Latin name meaning victory that could also lend itself to the nicknames Ria, Rori, Tora, Via, and of course Vicky.


Joel Silvius
Molly Roloff Silvius married Joel Silvius is August 2017. Joel and Molly share the same birthday, how sweet is that? Joel is a Hebrew name meaning God has remembered. Joel was Number 101 in 1993 when Silvius was born and has dropped just a bit in popularity to 166, making it still a well loved name.  I particularly like Joel in the middle name spot and think it makes a nice alternative or way to honor a Joseph.


Isabel Sofia Garreton Rock
Jacob Roloff has been dating Isabel “Izzy” Rock for a couple of years. I have to point out the fun Twilight name connection of Jacob and Isabel (close to Isabella). Isabel seems is such a delight and the couple have had fun with their names calling themselves “Rock and Roloff.” I’m unsure of Isabel’s birth-date, though if she was born in 1997 like Jacob, her name would have ranked at 141 then and ranks at 145 now. Isabel is a variant of the classic Elizabeth meaning pledged to God.

The Roloff Grandkids


Jackson Kyle Roloff
On May 12, 2017 Zach and Tori welcomed the first Roloff grandchild, Jackson Kyle. Jackson is affectionately called “Baby J” by his family occasionally. Jackson is an English name meaning son of Jack that currently ranks at Number 17 in popularity. The popularity of Jackson is a bit deceiving though because there are multiple spelling variations within the Top 1,000.


Ember Jean Roloff
On September 10, 2017 Jeremy and Audrey welcomed the first Roloff granddaughter named Ember Jean.  Ember is a word name referring to a coal glowing on a fire. Ember just entered the US Top 1,000 in 2009 and peaked last year at Number 320 in popularity.

The New Kids Kids – Babies on the Block


If you were a girl in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s chances are you were obsessed with the American boy band The New Kids on the Block (NKOTB). I had their poster in my room at age six and thought then that if I didn’t marry Jordan Knight that I’d at least have a son with his name. NKOTB still has hoards of followers, many that are now parents, which made me curious as to what the teen idols named their little ones.

I’ve already professed my childhood crush on Jordan, born Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight, the younger brother of fellow band-mate Jonathan Knight. Jordan is a Hebrew river name meaning flowing down. Knight’s parents were ahead of the trend in 1970 when Jordan was born. His name then ranked at Number 486. Jordan peaked in popularity in the late 1990’s when it reached spot Number 26. Today Jordan sits at Number 67. Knight married Evelyn Melendez-Knight and together they have two sons, Dante Jordan and Eric Jacob.
Dante is a Latin Medieval name, a variant of Durante, meaning enduring. One of the most famous bearers of this name was the 13th century poet Dante Alighieri. A bold and masculine name, Dante currently ranks at Number 344.
Eric is an Old Norse name meaning eternal ruler. Eric was a Top 100 name from 1950 to 2010. Today Eric ranks at Number 142, the lowest its been since the mid-1940s.

Jonathan is the only guy in this group who has not yet become a father. He and fiance Harley Rodriguez have expressed interest in one day starting a family. We know Jonathan as Jordan’s older brother, but he also has three older siblings; Allison, Sharon and David. Jonathan was born Jonathan Rashleigh Knight. Jonathan is a Hebrew name meaning gift of God. Since the early 1960’s Jonathan has been in the Top 100. It ranked at Number 53 in 1968, when Knight was born, and today ranks just a few spots lower at Number 56.

Donnie Wahlberg has gone on to be one of the most famous members of the band. Donnie, born Donald Edmond Wahlberg Jr. Is the eighth of nine children, the youngest being famous brother Mark Wahlberg. Donald is a Gaelic name derived from Domhnall, meaning ruler or chief.  Donald peaked in the 1930’s when it was a Top 10 baby name. Donald ranked at Number 30 in 1969 when Wahlberg was born but has steadily declined every year since, today coming in at Number 488.
Wahlberg has two sons, Xavier Alexander and Elijah Hendrix with his ex-wife Kimberly Fey.
Xavier comes from a Basque place name meaning the new house. A noteable namesake is Jesuit priest Saint Francis Xavier. Xavier has been a Top 100 name since 2001, today ranking at Number 88.
Elijah has been steadily climbing the charts, peaking in popularity last year reaching spot Number 9. Elijah is the name of an Old Testament prophet and has Hebrew roots meaning Yahweh is God.  The attractive nickname Eli aids in Elijah’s appeal.

Danny was the first in the band to become a father, see him pictured with Danny Jr. in 1992. Born Daniel William Wood, Danny has one of the most timeless and classic names on this list. Daniel is a has never dipped below spot Number 55. Today Daniel ranks at Number 13, maintaining its well-loved and well-used status. Danny has a son named Daniel William Jr. with his ex-girlfriend Elise Stepherson as well as son Chance and daughter Vega with ex-wife Patricia Alfaro.
Daniel is one of the many classic names we see passed from father to son. It was Number 7 in 1992 when Danny Jr. Was born.
Chance is a word name meaning luck or fortune though it can also be a diminutive of the English Chauncey meaning chancellor. Chance first entered the Top 1,000 in 1967, peaking in the mid-1990s. Today Chance is ranked at Number 274.
Vega is the rarest name on our list today. Vega is a star in the Lyra constellation as well as an Arabic name meaning swooping eagle. Only 35 girls and 10 boys were named Vegas last year.

Joey is the youngest member of the group and went on to find success in his solo musical career.  Born Joseph Mulrey McIntyre, Joey is the youngest of nine children. His older siblings names are Judy, Alice, Susan, Tricia, Carol, Jean, Kate, and Tommy. Joseph is another well-loved classic Biblical name.  A Hebrew name meaning Jehovah increases, Joseph is currently Number 20 in popularity, the lowest it has ever ranked. Joey and wife Barrett Williams are parents to Griffin Thomas, Rhys Edward, and Kira Katherine.
Griffin is a Welsh variant of Gruffudd meaning strong lord. Griffin has never been too popular, peaking in 1998 when it reached Number 215. Today Griffin is just a bit lower at Number 229. Nicknames Finn, Griff, and Griffy add to Griffin’s appeal.
Rhys is another handsome Welsh name meaning ardor. Numerous Welsh rulers were fittingly named Rhys. Rhys first entered the US Top 1,00 in 2004 and today ranks at Number 494.
Kira is a Russian feminine form of Cyrus meaning young or throne. Kira can have numerous origins and spellings, but with this spelling it currently ranks at Number 369.

Which of the New Kids has the best naming chops?

The Candidate’s Kids & Grandkids


The United States Presidential election is just around the corner and the race to the White House is heating up. Today let’s put politics aside and look at the names of the two main candidate’s children and grandchildren. Cast your vote for your favorite name from this list!

The Clinton’s

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is the nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States. Hillary comes from the ancient Latin name Hilaris meaning cheerful.  Traditionally a male name spelled Hilary, Hillary took off for girls in the early 1960s.  Hillary peaked in 1992, but fell out of the Top 1,000 in 2009.  You may also associate Hillary with actors Hilary Duff and Hilary Swank.

Chelsea Victoria Clinton is the only child of Hillary Clinton and former US President Bill Clinton. Chelsea is and Old English name as well as a New York and London place name meaning landing place for chalk. Chelsea just entered the Top 1,000 in 1969, peaking in the early 1990s.  Though Chelsea has declined in popularity recently, it is still readily used, currently ranked at Number 305.

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky is Hillary Clinton’s oldest grandchild. Charlotte is definitely a name on the rise, currently ranked at Number 9.  A French feminine diminutive of Charles, meaning free man, Charlotte peaked in popularity last year.  A timeless name with multiple sweet nicknames, from Charlie to Lottie to Carly, Charlotte is sure to continue to rise in popularity.

Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky was just born in June 2016. Aidan is another popular name choice. Aidan is an anglicized Irish name meaning little and fiery.  This spelling of Aidan ranks and number 185, though if you add up all the spellings of Aidan it’s easily one of the most popular names right now. Charlotte and Aidan are both characters from the popular TV series Sex In The City, which makes me wonder if Mom Chelsea is a fan of the show.

The Trump’s

Donald John Trump is the Republican Party nominee for President of the United States. Donald is a Gaelic name which fittingly for a politician means chief or ruler.  Donald was a Top 10 name from 1923 to 1942, ranked at Number 11 in 1946, the year Trump was born.  Currently Number 441, Donald is a family name passed down by many men, including Donald Trump who used it for his oldest child, son Donald John Trump Jr.  “Don.” Donald Trump Jr continued the tradition, passing his name to his second born and eldest son, Donald John Trump III.

Kai Madison Trump is Donald Trump’s oldest grandchild.  Kai is the daughter of Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Haydon. Kai is a rising unisex name with multiple meanings used multiple places worldwide.  The Hawaiian meaning of Kai is sea.  Kai is currently Number 895 for girls and 145 for boys in popularity and has steadily risen for both sexes in recent years.

Tristan Milos Trump is Donald Trump Jr’s third child and second son, born two years after older brother Donald John III. Tristan is a handsome Celtic name that unfortunately means sorrowful.  Modern parents have looked past the given meaning and are definitely taking notice of Tristan which currently ranks at Number 101.  Tristan may remind you of the legendary knight from the story Tristan and Isolde.

Spencer Frederick Trump is Donald Trump Jr’s fourth child and third son. Spencer is an English surname and occupational name meaning dispenser for provisions. Spencer has ranked in the 200’s the last several years, currently at Number 252, making it familiar but not extremely popular.  Spencer has a distinguished sound and still carries the cool Spencer Tracy association.

Chloe Sophia Trump is the youngest of Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Haydon’s five children. Chloe peaked in 2010 when it was the Number 9 name.  Today Chloe is still very loved and used coming in at Number 17.  A lovely Greek name meaning young green shoot, it’s very fitting for a baby born in the spring. Chloe spelled Khloe, like TV personality Khloe Kardashian, comes in at Number 100.

Ivanka Marie Trump is Donald Trump’s second child and eldest daughter. Ivanka is a diminutive of Ivana, which also happens to be her mother’s name and stems from Ivan meaning God is Gracious.  A rarely used name in the United States, Ivanka has become a name easily identifiable with Ivanka Trump.

Arabella Rose Kushner is the eldest daughter of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Arabella is a beautiful Latin name meaning yielding to prayer. Arabella just entered the Top 1,000 in 2005 and is currently Number 194 in popularity.  Arabella makes for a less popular alternative to Isabella which ranks at Number 5. TV’s Doctor Oz also has a daughter named Arabella.

Joseph Frederick Kushner is the second son of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Joseph is a timeless Hebrew name meaning Jehovah increases. Currently Ranked at Number 21, Joseph has never dipped below spot Number 22 in popularity. In the Old Testament Joseph was the beloved eleventh son of Jacob.

Theodore James Kushner was just born this May.  He’s the youngest of Trump’s grandchildren and the second son of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Theodore is a handsome Greek name meaning gift of God.  Currently ranked at Number 99, Theodore is climbing the charts, up 200 spots in the last 10 years. Theodore has a very distinguished sound and comes with the adorable nickname options Ted, Teddy, and Theo.

Eric Frederick Trump is Donald Trump’s third child and second son. Eric comes from an Old Norse name meaning eternal ruler. Eric peaked in 1976 at Number 13.  Eric gained popularity in the mid-nineteenth century as it was the name of a popular Viking explorer, Erik the Red, and a name in a popular children’s book, Eric.

Tiffany Ariana Trump is Donald Trump’s fourth child and second daughter. Tiffany is derived from the Greek name Theophania, meaning God’s appearance. Tiffany was all the rage in the late 1980’s peaking at Number 13 in 1988. Tiffany majorly dropped in popularity in the late 1990s and currently ranks at Number 494.  Tiffany may also remind you of the popular jewelry company Tiffany & Co.

Barron William is Donald Trump’s fifth and youngest child. Barron is a variant of the word name Baron, referring to a rank in British nobility. Baron was briefly in the Top 1,000 from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s, peaking in 1966 at Number 750. You may also recognize Barron as the name of businessman William Barren Hilton “Barron.”

Which of these names gets your vote?

Names from the King Family


Martin Luther King Jr. was an African-American Civil Rights leader. A pastor and advocate for nonviolence, King’s words of peace and freedom are as relevant today as they were fifty years ago. On Monday, January 19th we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day.

When I hear the name Martin, I immediately think of Martin Luther King Jr. I’m filled with emotion as I hear his name and think of his legacy and powerful words. What a powerful thing a name can truly be. Today I thought it would be interesting to look at names from the King family.


Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin King Jr. was in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929

Martin was the middle child of Reverend Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta Williams King.  His older sister is Christine King Farris, and his younger brother was Alfred Daniel William King, better known as A.D. King.
Martin is a Latin name, meaning “of Mars” or “warlike”. Used both as a first and a surname, Martin was #83 in popularity in 1929 when King was born.  Martin is currently #263.

Martin Sr. changed both his name and his son’s name to Martin Luther in 1934 in honor of the Protestant leader, Martin Luther. Luther comes from a German surname, meaning “solider of the people”.

King is a strong English word name, meaning “monarch”. King is quickly rising in popularity, currently #193. King could make a neat middle name to honor Martin Luther King Jr.


King married Coretta Scott, on June 18, 1953

Martin Luther King Jr. married Coretta Scott, on June 18, 1953

King married Coretta Scott at her parents home in Heiberger, Alabama

Coretta Scott was born April 27, 1927 to Obadiah “Obie” Scott and Bernice McMurray Scott.  I’ve always thought Coretta was such a wonderful name.  Coretta is a diminutive of the Greek name Cora, meaning “maiden”.  Martin often called her “Corrie”. An activist and author, Coretta Scott King has a beautiful and memorable name.

 The King Children

The King Family Dexter, Yolanda, Bernice, and Martin Luther III  (left to right) with their Parents

The King Family
Dexter, Yolanda, Bernice, and Martin Luther III
(left to right) with their Parents

Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King had four children

Yolanda Denise King
The eldest of the King children, Yolanda was an artist, activist, and actress.  She sometimes went by the nickname “Yoki”.  One of the few names that begin with the letter Y, Yolanda is a Greek name, meaning “violet flower”.

Martin Luther King III
The eldest son and eldest living child of the King.  Named for his father and grandfather, Martin followed in their footsteps as a community leader and human rights advocate.  He married Andrea Waters and had a daughter, the only King grandchild.  Born a year after his sister’s death, Martin III choose to name his daughter Yolanda in honor of his late sister.

Dexter Scott King
The third of the King children, Dexter is an actor and film maker.  Dexter is an Old English surname and occupational name, meaning “one who dyes”.  It also has Latin roots, meaning “right handed”. Dexter King married Leah Weber in 2013.

Bernice Albertine King
The youngest of the King children, Bernice is the CEO of the King Center.  Bernice is a variation of Berenice, a Greek name, meaning “she who brings victory”.


May we live out his dream of peace,

Names from the Hemingway Family


Ernest Hemingway was one of the most influential American writers of the 20th century. He was a Nobel Prizing winning author and a legendary man. His life, family tragedies, and novels continue to be written about. Today I thought we’d take a look at names from Hemingway’s family tree.


Ernest in 1918 & 1952

Ernest Hemingway in 1918 (left) & in 1952 (right)

Ernest Miller Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on July 21, 1899.

Ernest was #27 the U.S. year Hemingway was born. It has dropped 906 spots and is currently #933. Ernest comes from a German name, meaning “serious”. Oscar Wilde created one of the most notable characters named Ernest in, The Importance of Being Ernest. With so many vintage names making a comeback, is there room for Ernest?

Miller is an English occupational name, meaning “grinder of grain”. Currently #943, Miller is a familiar surname that I expect to see rise in use as a first name. Stella McCartney used this name for her son, Miller Alasdhair James Willis in 2005.

Hemingway – I’ve always thought there was something so romantic and lyrical about the sound of the name Hemingway. An English surname and place name, Hemingway is definitely closely associated with this writer. I think Hemingway would be a cool name to use in a novel as a little nod to Ernest Hemingway.

 Parents & Siblings

The Hemingway's 1905 Left to right: Marcelline, Madelaine, Clarence, Grace, Ursula, & Ernest. Before the births of Carol & Leicester.

The Hemingway’s 1905
Left to right: Marcelline, Madelaine, Clarence, Grace, Ursula, & Ernest.
Before the births of Carol & Leicester.

Ernest was the second of six children born to Dr. Clarence Edmonds Hemingway and Grace-Hall Hemingway.

Clarence, like Ernest is a name that has fallen out of fashion. A Latin name, meaning “bright”, Clarence always reminds me of George Bailey’s lovable guardian angel in the film, It’s a Wonderful Life. Clarence Hemingway went by the nickname “Ed”.

Grace however, is still widely being used. Currently #22 in the U.S., Grace is quite popular in many English-speaking countries. An English virtue name, Grace not only has a great meaning but it also has the classy association to the timeless beauty, Grace Kelly.

Ernest had one brother and four sisters.  The birth order of the Hemingway siblings; Marcelline (1898), Ernest (1899), Ursula (1902), Madelaine “Sunny” (1904), Carol (1911), and Leicester Clarence (1915).

Marcelline is French from a Latin name, meaning “dedicated to Mars”.  Pronounced mahr-say-LEEN. Marcelline is a lovely, feminine name that has never been in the U.S. top 1,000.

Ursula comes from the Latin  name Ursa, meaning “little female bear”.  Although this name has an adorable meaning, it is closely associated with the villain in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Madelaine went by the nickname “Sunny”.  Madelaine is a French name meaning “high tower” or “woman from Magdala”. The spelling Madeleine is much more popular in the U.S.

Carol is an English name that comes from the name Charles, meaning “free man”.  Carol can also refer to a “song or hymn”. Originally a male name, Carol became popular for girls in the late 1930’s.  Carol however, has not been in the top 1,000 for either sex since 2006.

Leicester is a rare English name, meaning “from Leicester”.  Leicester is pronounced “Lester”.  Neither Lester or Leicester are quite due for a comeback.  Lester was most popular in 1906 when it was #52.  It fell out of the top 1,000 in 2009.

 Wives of Hemingway

Ernest with first wife Hadley Richardson

Ernest with first wife, Hadley Richardson

Ernest Hemingway had four wives and was rumored to have had several mistresses.

❤ Elizabeth Hadley Richardson “Hadley” was Hemingway’s first wife.
Hadley is an English surname and unisex name, meaning “heather field”.  Similar in sound to names like Hailey and Hattie, Hadley has been climbing the charts and is currently #111 for girls in the U.S.

❤ Pauline Marie Pfeiffer “Fife” was Hemingway’s second wife.
Pauline was popular in the 1920’s and 30’s but has steadily declined since the 1940’s.  No longer in the top 1,000, Pauline is a feminine form of the name Paul, meaning “small”.

❤ Martha Ellis Gellhorn was the third wife of Hemingway.
Martha is slipping each year in popularity, currently #803. An Aramaic name, meaning “lady or mistress”, Martha has a very traditional sound.

❤ Mary Welsh was Hemingway’s fourth wife and widow.
Mary is one of the most classic and timeless female names. #1 in popularity from 1880 through 1946, Mary is currently #121. A Hebrew, meaning “bitter”, many names are derived from Mary.

 Hemingway’s Sons

Ernest with sons Patrick & Gregory

Ernest with sons Patrick & Gregory

Ernest Hemingway had three children, all boys.

John Hadley Nicanor Hemingway “Jack” was Ernest’s oldest son with his first wife, Hadley Richardson.  As a small child, Hadley and Ernest affectionately called Jack, “Bumby”.
Jack is a diminutive of the name John, meaning “God is gracious”.  At #40 in the U.S., Jack is now more popular than John, which sits at #27.

Patrick Hemingway is Ernest’s second son and first son from his second marriage with Pauline Pfeiffer.
Patrick is often thought to be an Irish name, because of Saint Patrick, though it is actually a Latin name. Patrick means “nobleman or patrician”.  Currently #154 in the U.S., Patrick has never been lower than #166 in popularity.

Gregory Hancock Hemingway is Ernest’s third and youngest son with his second wife, Pauline Pfieffer.  Gregory was known to go by many nicknames, including Gig, Gigi, and Gloria.
Gregory is a Greek name meaning, “watchful”.  Once associated with Old Hollywood, modern parents may be more inclined to use a name with a similar sound like, Gregor.

 Hemingway’s Grandchildren

Two of Hemingway's granddaughters, Margaux and Mariel

Two of Hemingway’s granddaughters, Margaux and Mariel

Jack Hemingway married Byra “Puck” L. Whittlesey.  Together they had three daughters.  Joan “Muffet”, Margot Louise “Margaux”, and Mariel Hadley.

Joan is an English name that comes from John, meaning “God is gracious”. No longer in the top 1,000, Joan was #40 in 1950 when Joan Hemingway was born.  Joan was often called “Muffet” by her family.

Margot is a French diminiutive of Margaret, meaning “pearl”.  Margaux Hemingway adopted a new spelling of her name after she learned she was named for a wine, Château Margaux, her parents drank the night she was conceived.

Mariel is one of the many names that is derived from Mary, meaning “bitter”.  This melodic name was only briefly in the top 1,000 from 1985-1994. Mariel has two daughters, Dree Crisman and Langley Fox Crisman.

Patrick Hemingway had one child, an adopted daughter named Mina Hemingway.

Mina is often a diminutive of longer names, like Wilhelmina. The character in Dracula, is one of the most memorable bearers of this sweet little name.  Mina has risen 246 in the past 7 years and is currently #753.

Gregory Hemingway married 5 times, twice to the same woman.  He had eight children, including an adopted stepson – Lorian, John, Brendan, Maria, Patrick, Sean, Edward, and Vanessa.

Lorian comes from the names Laura, meaning “bay laurel”, and Ann, meaning “grace”.  This spelling is quite rare. Lorian has a daughter named Cristen Hemingway Jaynes.

John Patrick Hemingway was named for his two Uncles.  John is a timeless classic meaning, “God is gracious”.

Brendan is a hearty Irish name that means, “Prince”. Popular in the 1990’s, I suspect similar sounding names like Brayden are pulling from Brendan’s popularity.

Maria is a form of the name Mary, meaning “bitter”. A popular name in many counties, Maria is now more popular in the U.S. than the name Mary.

Patrick is one of the names we see repeat in the Hemingway family tree (see above for more info). I think Patrick would make a handsome middle name choice.

Sean is an Irish form of the name John, meaning “God is gracious”. A solid little name, Sean started gaining popularity in the mid 60’s and stayed popular through the late 90’s.

Edward is an English name meaning, “wealthy guardian”.  There are many famous bearers of this name.  In pop culture there’s Edward Scissorhands and Edward Cullen. 

Vanessa is an invented name by writer Jonathan Swift. I love that Vanessa is also the name of a species of butterfly.

What are your favorite names from the Hemingway family tree?