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Diversity in Naming with Ren


Ren is one of my dear sisters in naming and fellow member of The Name Sisters. She’s sweet as pie and has diverse taste in names.  From traditional names, to word names, Ren’s baby name blog truly has something for everyone!

What is your name?

Lauren Ashley, but I also go by Ren.

What would you rename yourself if you had to?

Oh my, choosing a name to rename myself is hard! I think I would choose Allison “Allie” Savannah. I always picture myself as an Allie or Ellie.

When did you first become interested in names?

I have always loved names for as long as I can remember. It really became a hobby of mine in about 5th grade when I started a name notebook but I had been talking about names long before that. I can remember playing house and always picking a new name for myself.

What were some of the first names you remember loving? Do you still love them?

I always loved Isabelle and Emily. I still like them but I don’t love them because of their popularity. Emily is actually my conformation name.

How would you describe your naming style?

One word: diverse. I like names of all different origins and popularity.

What are some names you love at the moment?

At the moment my top names are Atlas, Pierre, Theodore, Arrow, and Bishop for boys. For girls I am loving Juliette, Halona, Maven, Collins, and Keeva.

What are some great names that you feel are underused?

Margaret, Sylvia, Magnolia, Ephrem, Maxim I could go on and on!

What are some of your favorite literary/character names?

Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Atlas (The Atlas of Love by Laurie Frankel), Matilda (Matilda), Ebenezer (A Christmas Carol).

When did you begin blogging? Tell us a bit about your blog.

I started blogging back in November 2011 (boy it’s been that long?!) after much consideration. My blog is just a whole bunch of random name posts. They’re all really just whatever comes to mind name-wise. I have done a ton of different series, such a color names, MLB names, and Top Debuts for each year. My main focus is usually unique or less popular names because I want to bring focus to names people don’t really hear often.

Do you have a favorite name book and/or name related website?

As for name books I only own two The Baby Name Wizard and The Baby Name Bible. I like The Baby Name Wizard the most. When it comes to websites I love Nameberry. It is by far my favorite.

Please share any naming tips or words of wisdom.

When it comes to picking a name, look at every aspect of the name (initials, bad associations, nickname possibilities, etc.) and make sure everything is good and there are no problems. Bottom line though, choose a name that you love and don’t let anyone tell you what to pick.

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Huge thanks to Ren ❤

Names are a joy – from the ordinary, to the extraordinary!

Naming is an Art with Kara


One of the most unexpected and rewarding parts of baby name blogging has been connecting with other great women.  I recently got to have a virtual sit down & interview my new name friend, Kara.  Kara is the creative genius behind  Don’t you just love the title of her site? Naming truly is an art form!

What is your name? Do you have any nicknames?

My name is Kara Yvonne. I don’t have any nicknames that are relevant to my name. These days I’m mostly known as Mama.

Do you know how your name was chosen? Do you feel that your name fits you?

My parents were going to name me Kevin if I were a boy (and that ended up being my younger brother’s name). Mom originally suggested Jenna Rae but Dad didn’t like it. They somehow just decided they liked Kara but took a while to find a middle name. Yvonne suddenly came to my mom while waiting in line at a Wendy’s drive thru (random! haha!) I think my name does fit me; I’ve never had a problem with it but I’ve never truly loved it either. I think I would change it if I found something that I connected better with.

What would you rename yourself if you had to?

This has been a big dilemma for me. I don’t know. However, since I gave my daughter Juliet as a middle name, I feel like I want to have a Jul- name too. I’m leaning toward Julia Caroline. My grandpa used to call me Karolina (with a Spanish accent) so that’d still connect me to Kara in my mind. Not sure if I’d make a good Julia Caroline but that’s what’s repeating in my head these days.

When did you first become interested in names?

I feel like I was always good at it. As a kid, I’d always know everyone’s name in every class when most of them didn’t know or care who I was. Then when The Sims 1 game came out, I started browsing baby names so I could name my characters well. Then I’d make A-Z name lists in my high school computer class when I was bored. Then my obsession grew when I was engaged to my husband and the prospect of actually having kids to name became real.

What were some of the first names you remember loving? Do you still love them?

As a teen, I liked names like Lainey, Lexi, Kady, Claire, Hailey, Riley, Bailey and Juliah. Clearly I still enjoy the Jul- names. I like Claire but the others aren’t my style anymore. For boys, Evan, Joshua, Tavey, Caden, Ian, Davey, Braden, Kyle, Gavin, Charley, Eli, Seth, Andrew and Jake. Not really fond of any of the boy names now. These are all on a list I made in 2005 when I was 18.

When did you begin blogging? Tell me a bit about your website.

I started The Art of Naming on May 30th, 2013. So nearly a year and a half ago. My website has evolved over time, but I’ve always tried to feature interesting names and lists of themed names, as well as helping parents find the perfect name.

How would you describe your naming style?

My general taste is that of strong names with a history behind them and good meanings. For boys, I like big Greek and Latin names like Benedict, Cyrus, Constantine, Augustus, etc. For girls, I like the very girly but very strong names like Freya, Aveline, Margot, Susannah.

What are your children’s names?

Our son is Maximus Alexander. It means “greatest defender of the people” and we loved everything about it. It was always our top pick. Girl names were harder. We originally had Ava Genevieve, then Avalina Juliet, then Juliet Cordelia. We ended up naming our daughter Audrey Juliet Sophia. It’s different than my general style but we love it. I’ve almost always wanted a Jul- name so that was an easy one. Sophia is after my husband’s sister. And we just fell in love with Audrey, partially because I’m a Hepburn fan.

What are some other names you love?

Besides the ones I already mentioned, Vincent Leonidas and Alice Magnolia. I also like quirky middle name ideas like Snow, Fable, Sonnet, Marvel, Frost, Stone etc.

What are some great names that you feel are underused?

My go-to’s for this kind of question are Amabel and Caius. Also, Leopold, Benedict, Rafferty, Caspian… Lavinia, Calliope…

What are some of your favorite literary/character names?

I don’t read much so I’m not sure I can answer this. I watch a lot of TV but hardly anything worth naming a kid after. But looking at a list of classic literary names, I like Atticus, Edmund, Sebastian ; Briony, Eloise and Rosamond.

Do you have a favorite name book and/or website?

I own exactly one baby name book that I bought when I was 18: “The Very Best Baby Name Book in the whole wide world” by Bruce Lansky, 2004 edition, so its super old. I have lots of sites I use frequently for coming up with names for my blog and for parents. Behind the Name is my favorite. Baby Name Wizard and Nameberry too among others. There’s lots of lovely bloggers out there.

Please share any naming tips or words of wisdom.

Naming is hard. Use the name that you and your partner mutually love the most. Don’t give in to pressures from friends and family. Do what YOU want! And if you need help, ask me! 😉

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Be sure to check later this week were Kara will be interviewing me!

A special thanks to Kara ❤

Naming truly is an art and a joy,