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20 Great -by Baby Names


There’s something sweet and approachable about names that end in –by.  Here are 20  and great choices for your little baBY.

Current Ranking: 437 for girls
A common nickname for Abigail, Abby would also be a great nickname for Abilene or even Tabitha
Cool Connection: Sesame Street character Abby Cadabby

Current Ranking: Only used by 23 girls and 17 boys last year
Could Ashby the next Ashley? Ashby has a super sweet Southern sound.
Cool Connection:  TV host Nancy O’Dell has a daughter named Ashby Grace

Current Ranking: Less than 5 boys were used Barnaby last year
A posh beginning with a sweet ending.  Barnaby is derived from the name Barnabas.
Cool Connection: Barnaby Bear is an animated and live action character in several UK TV series

Current Ranking: 454 for boys
A surname, a place name, and the name of a cheese.
Cool Connection: Survivor runner-up Colby Donaldson

Current Ranking: 575 for boys
People really took notice of this name following the success of the show Parenthood
Cool Connection: Folk rock group Crosby, Stills, and Nash

Current Ranking: Only used by 110 girls and 27 boys last year
Fairly common boys name in Ireland, Darby will forever remind me of the film Darby O’Gill and the Little People.
Cool Connection: Actor Paul Rudd has a daughter named Darby

Current Ranking: Only used by 12 boys and 5 girls last year
Literary parents will recognize this name from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
Cool Connection: The character Jay Gatsby was actually born James “Jimmy” Gatz

Current Ranking: 655 for boys
A little bit Jacob and a little bit Coby, a fun name with lots of charm!
Cool Connection: Boston Red Sox player Jacoby Ellsury

Current Ranking: Only used by 41 boys and 23 girls last year
If Kelly and Shelby had a baby you’d get the surname Kelby!
Cool Connection: Kelby has British, Tutonic, German and possibly Norse roots.

Current Ranking: Only used by 53 boys and 27 girls last year
A sporty sounding unisex surname
Cool Connection: John Wayne played 5 characters named Kirby in his acting career with

Current Ranking: 995 for girls
Originally a nickname for Elizabeth, Libby would also be a darling nickname for Liberty
Cool Connection: Carly Simon has a song called Libby

Current Ranking: Less than 5 babies were named Moby last year
This could make for a fun nickname. Most folks are sure to associate it with Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.
Cool Connection: Musician Moby was born Richard Melville Hall and got his stage name/nickname due to his ancestor, Herman Melville.

Current Ranking: Less than 5 babies were named Quimby last year
A quirky cute Q name
Cool Connection: Beverly Cleary character Ramona Quimby

Current Ranking: Only used by 31 boys last year
Beatles fans are sure to recognize this name from the song Eleanor Rigby
Cool Connection: USA Gymnastic Gold medalist Cathy Rigby

Current Ranking: 83 for girls
A beautiful red gemstone name on the rise
Cool Connection: Ruby Bridges, Activist and first African American child to desegregate a Louisiana school in 1960

Current Ranking: Only used by 9 girls last year
In the Shelby and Sylvie family, Selby has a posh and fresh sound
Cool Connection: Edgy photographer Todd Selby

Current Ranking: 299 for girls
Shelby screams super sweet southern belle
Cool Connection: Julia Robert’s character in the tear-jerking comedy Steel Magnolias

Current Ranking: Less than 5 babies were named Tibby last year
Tibby originated as a nickname for Elizabeth, though it also works well as a nickname for Tabitha
Cool Connection: Tabitha “Tibby” is a character in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series

Current Ranking: 689 for boys
First used as a nickname for Tobias, Toby now stands alone as a full name
Cool Connection: Actor Tobey Maguire

Current Ranking: Only used by 6 boys last year
A great way to get to Will or honor a Will
Cool Connection: Jane Austen character John Willoughby

What are your favorite -by Baby names?

Hear about 10 of these names here:


Fun Pet Names from Harry Potter


Are you looking for a name for your cat? dog? goldfish? horse? guinea pig? bird? house elf?  Here are some fun animal name ideas from the Harry Potter series.  Not all of these are creatures or critters, but they could still work for your furry or feathered friend!

Bane is a centaur that lives in forest. A simple but powerful one-syllable name. Perfect for a strong, majestic pet.

Bertie Bott’s Every flavor beans are fun jelly beans in the wizard world. Often used as a nickname for Albert, Bertie has a sweet sound usable for small critter.

Buckbeak is a Hippogriff which is half eagle & half horse. It would make a playful and fun name for the bird of a Harry Potter enthusiast!

A famous Greek wizard who transfigured lost sailors into pigs.  The name Circe has such a fun, whimsical sound.  It may be seen as a brave choice for a human, making it perfect for a pet.

Cho Chang flew on a broomstick called Comet. This is a subtle Harry Potter connection to an already popular pet name.

The Surname of wizards Cedric & Amos. The beginning of the name “Dig” is just too perfect for a dog!

Dobby is the Malfoy’s loveable house-elf. With his big eyes and ears, I’ve seen many pets that share a resemblance to Dobby!

A small fairy-like creature that is also known as the Biting Fairy. Pesky little creatures with a pretty cute name.

Fawke’s Dumbledore’s phoenix.  Such a cool spelling.  I could see this name used on a wide array of animals.

A water plant that when eaten enables you to temporarily grow gills and fins.  A playful name full of whimsy.  Gilly would make a cute variation or nickname.

Harry’s owl and mail carrier. I love Hedwig on a person or a pet.  Certainly a nice name for a feathered friend.

A wizarding letter that howls and yells at the reader. This one seems reserved for loud animals.

Moony was Professor Lupin’s nickname when he was a student at Hogwarts. I this Moony has such a cute, affectionate sound.

Person totally without magical powers. Muggle the puggle? Who can resist?

A magical creature that can find buried treasure. I picture this name of an animal with a strong sense of smell.

Surname of Rowena Ravenclaw, one of the four founders of Hogwarts. I love so many surnames in this series.  Ravenclaw would be so cool on a beautiful bird.

Small, golden ball with silver wings used in Quidditch.  Snitch has a great sound for just one syllable!

Surname of Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders of Hogwarts. Syltherin is my first choice name for a snake.

Zonko’s is the name of a Wizard joke shop in Hogsmeade. An absolutely fun and whimsical name for a beloved pet!

What animals could you see these names on?


Whimsy, wonder, & wizards,

Human Names for Dogs

Did you know that Gwen Stefani had a dog named Megan? Jokingly, I’ve always said that I’d name my next pup Gwen.

Names like “Chief”, “Buddy”, or “Rocky” are popular amongst our furry four-legged friends, but so are common human names like Bailey, Lucy, Max, Bella, Maggie, Charlie, and Sam.

Here are a few less common names that could be the perfect fit for the pooch in your life!


Can you “dig” it? Okay, so the digging connection was irresistible. If you like the dig pun then you might like names such as Digby, Diggor or Diggory.

The Old Lady/ Old Gent Names. As a lover of Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs, I have to say there is something quite charming about an old fashioned name on a little pup with smushy snout! Try Winston, Ernest, Franklin, Opal, Maude, Virgil, Mona, Elmer, Gladys, Percy, Thaddeus, Blanche (or substitute your favorite Golden Girl name).

Mythological Inspiration. Mythological names are often a bit grand for a human baby, but could be quite entertaining on your fur baby. I’ve met a few dogs named Zeus and I think Hercules could be funny on a really tiny tyrant or big gentle giant. A few other cool choices include Minerva, Callisto, Brutus, Jupiter, and Juno.

A few more names that would be fun to use and fun to say are Rigby, Iphigenia, Bodhi, Huckleberry, Pollyanna, Willoughby, Viggo, Mortimer, Fiorella, or Maximo.

Love & Paws