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End of Summer Baby Names


“August is like the Sunday of Summer.”

School is starting and summer is quickly ending, but let’s not let these final days of the season end without a final look at hot names in this hot month.

Why not pull name inspiration from this final month itself? August is quickly rising, currently ranked at Number 193 for boys. August was also used by 222 girls last year. Mariska Hargitay and Dave Matthews have son’s named August, while Charlize Theron and Garth Brooks used the name August for their daughters.
Some other cool August names include;
Augusta, Augustina, Augustine, Augustino, Augusto, and Augustus.

Strong, short, and simple, Leo is a little name taking the world by storm, currently ranked at Number 74. The end of July through mid-August falls under the Zodiac sign Leo. Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz chose the internationally loved name Leo for their son. Another cool thing about Leo, it means lion. Imagine the cute nursery decor you could do with that meaning!
Lion lovers may also like these names with meanings related to lions;
Ari, Ariel, Aslan, Leander, and Lev.

Ocean has a peaceful, carefree, beachy vibe. Forest Whitaker chose the name Ocean Alexander for his son. Only 102 boys and 82 girls were given this blue nature name last year.
Other great ocean inspired names include;
Oceana, Oceane, Oceania, and Oceanus.

Nautical names are a perfect fit for late summer babes. Sailor is a name that is projected to break into the Top 1,000, used by 242 girls and 48 boys last year. Christie Brinkley was ahead of the trend when she named her daughter Sailor in 1998.
A few more great nautical choices include;
Anchor, Coral, Crew, and Marina.

If you were to draw your ideal summer day it would more than likely be filled with blue skies. Sky is a unisex word name ranked at 779 for girls and used by 85 boys last year. The alternatively spelled Skye was also used for both sexes.
If you like the sound of Sky you may like;
Skyla, Skylee, and Skyler.

Sure its an obvious choice for the end of the season but it is still readily used and loved. Christina Aguilera used the double word combo Summer Rain for her daughter. Summer peaked in the late 1970’s but remains hot at Number 202 in popularity.
If you like summery hippie names that are less popular you may also consider;
Sunset, Sunshine, and Soleil.

What names remind you of sweet summer days?

Surf’s Up – Beachy Baby Names


Summer is officially here! Warmer weather lends itself to some pretty cool names.  Check out these beachy names for your little dude or dudette!

A sweet surfer name that works on a boy or a girl, Ripley may remind beach-lovin’ parents of rippling waves. Ripley is an Old English surname meaning strip clearing. A cool alternative to the much more popular Riley, Ripley was only used by 97 little girls and 29 little boys last year.

Marina is a beautiful, melodic choice for your little water baby. A Latin name meaning from the sea, Marina is currently Number 656 in popularity. Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc gave his daughter the enchanting name Marina Pearl.

Sailor is an occupational nautical name that may take off in the years to come. In the last year Bristol Palin used the name Sailor Grace for her daughter and Liv Tyler selected Sailor Gene for her son.  Kristin Cavallari chose the alternative spelling Saylor for her daughter, Saylor James, who was also born last year.  There were 234 girls and 42 boys named Sailor last year. Saylor is actually more popular, ranking at Number 608 for girls.

In addition to being a pretty summertime color, coral is a word name for underwater skeletal deposits which often form beautiful reefs. You may recognize Coral as the name of Nemo’s Mom in Finding Nemo. Last year 199 baby girls were given the first name Coral.

Morgan is derived from a Welsh name meaning sea and circle, the perfect meaning for a little beach babe.  Traditionally a male name, Morgan currently ranks at Number 674 for boys and 120 for girls. Morgan le Fay was a powerful enchantress in Arthurian legend.

Reef not only has a cool sound, it’s also a great beach baby name for a bar of rock, sand, or coral beneath the water. Only 51 little boys were given this aquatic name last year. Reef is also the name of a popular sandal and clothing company that sells beach gear and active wear.

If you’re a fan of the water and of word names, why not consider Ocean? A cool sound that brings to mind a lovely image, Ocean can easily work on either sex.  Last year 80 boys and 65 girls were given the first name Ocean. Other great similar names include Oceanus, Oceana, and Oceane.

Waverly is one of my favorite names to say with its easy-breezy flow. Waverly has the word wave in it and has a smooth, laid-back sound. An English surname, Waverly means meadow of quivering aspens. Waverly hasn’t broken into the Top 1,000 yet. It was used by 120 girls and 6 boys last year.

Kai is a short and sweet name that is on the rise.  Kai not only has a cool sound, it’s also a name used in many cultures.  The Hawaiian meaning of Kai is sea, perfect for a sweet little swimmer.  Kai is currently Number 145 for boys and Number 895 for girls.

Finn is a great choice for your little fishy. Finn is derived from an Irish name meaning white or fair. Fin is currently Number 209 for boys. Several celebrities including Tori Spelling and Christy Turlington have used the name Finn for their sons.

Dylan is a popular Welsh name meaning tide, flow, or son of the wave. A less obvious beach baby name, Dylan currently ranks at Number 27 for boys and Number 397 for girls. Dylan has many great namesakes including writer Dylan Thomas and singer-songwriter Bob Dylan (born Robert Zimmerman).

If you’re looking for a smooth, underused nature name, than Cove may be it. A cove is a small bay or coastal inlet.  Only 53 little boys and 5 little girls were named Cove last year.  I can definitely picture this name on a little sun-kissed tike.

What are your favorite beachy baby names?

American Patriotic Names


American Patriotic Names
Perfect for a 4th of July baby!

Check out my vintage video (from 2 years ago) on some cool American Patriotic Baby Names!

  • Abigail
  • Abraham
  • Amber
  • America
  • Anthem
  • Banner
  • Belle
  • Benjamin
  • Blue
  • Braven
  • Carter
  • Eleanor
  • Ellis
  • Ford
  • Franklin
  • Free
  • Glory
  • Grant
  • Honor
  • Jackson
  • Jacqueline
  • Jefferson
  • July
  • Justice
  • Kennedy
  • Liberty
  • Lincoln
  • Madison
  • McKinley
  • Monroe
  • Navy
  • Pearl
  • Pledge
  • Reagan
  • Revere
  • Sam
  • Star
  • Tennessee
  • Theodore
  • Truman
  • Victory
  • Virginia
  • Washington

Wishing you a Wonderful 4th of July!

Names of the Week – Shepherd & Noelle


This weeks names are: Shepherd & Noelle

Happy Hanukkah & Merry almost Christmas!
Here are two names inspired by Christmas holiday.

Shepherd – A surname and an occupational name that relates to “one that rears and tends to sheep”.  Shepherd would make for a cool choice for a baby born on or around Christmas.  Without an obvious tie to the holiday, the term shepherd, and the phrase “the Lord is my shepherd” are often used in Christianity.  The name Shepherd works for any faith or season and lends itself to the nickname, “Shep”.

Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy and Actress Noelle Beck

Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy
and Actress Noelle Beck

Noelle – Noelle has a more obvious connection to the holiday as it is a French name meaning, “Christmas”.  What could be more fitting for a little Christmas baby? People are definitely attracted to the “elle” sound in many female names right now.  Noelle could easily be shortened to the popular nicknames Elle or Ellie.  Additionally, Noelle also pairs well with many names and is well suited in the middle name spot.

Learn more about these names and hear middle name ideas for both:

Looking for names inspired by Hanukkah :
More names inspired by Christmas

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Winter Botanical Names


Tis’ the season for Winter Botanical Names!

The Christmas trees are going up and the wreaths are being hung. Nature names need not be limited to the sunny months. Here are some festive winter plant and flower names!

Holly “Dec the Halls with boughs of Holly”. Often used in holiday decor, Holly is a quintessential Christmas baby name. A shrub with glossy green leaves and bunches of small red berries that ripen in winter. This name reminds me of the character Holly Golightly played by Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Garland – Holiday garlands are often made from pine, though these decorative cords and wreaths can be made from a variety of materials.  Many Christmas trees and banisters are adorned in garlands.  As a name Garland has an old sophisticated charm. It could also honor the beautiful and legendary actress Judy Garland.

Douglas – Douglas might not seem like an obvious winter botanical name, but the Douglas fir is a popular type of Christmas tree in North America.  Named for the Scottish botanist, David Douglas, a Douglas fir was also the icon for the TV show Twin Peaks. Douglas is Scottish name used both as a first and last name, meaning “dark water”.

Amaryllis – A tall, elegant plant with a flowering bulb. Red Amaryllis are often used as holiday centerpieces. Amaryllis is an uncommon Greek flower name that means, “sparkling”.  There are many potential nicknames, such as Amy, Mary, Alice, or Ellis that may make this exotic name feel more usable.

Birch – Bare white Birch trees are evocative of winter.  Branches from these lovely trees are often used for holiday decor. Birch wood is quite strong and is used for furniture, flooring, and much more.  The name Birch fittingly has a strong and stoic sound.

Olive – Olive is a little name that has made a big comeback.  The Olive branch is a symbol of peace, forgiveness, and acceptance.  A white dove carrying an Olive branch can be seen on everything from holiday cards to tree ornaments.  The name Olive steams from a Latin name, meaning “Olive tree”.

Pine – Pine is another type of Christmas tree. The smell of Pine is often used in holiday candles and room deodorizers.  There are also numerous holiday crafts involving Pine cones.  Pine is a simple, one syllable name, more often seen as a surname.

Ivy – Ivy is a sweet, spunky plant name that is currently the most popular it’s ever been in the U.S. at #152.  Ivy leaves are symbolic of resurrection.   The Holly and the Ivy is a British Christmas carol. Beyoncé and Jay-Z choose the name Blue Ivy for their daughter.

Poinsettia – Red and green leaf Poinsettia are one of the most recognizable winter plants.  To the ancient Aztecs the Poinsettia was a symbol of purity.  Bolder than many names on this list, a Poinsettia could use cool nicknames like Etta or Tia.

Evergreen – Evergreen is a plant that keeps green leaves throughout the year, hence its name.  Evergreen is type of Christmas tree and its branches are also commonly used in holiday wreaths.  Similar to names like Everett and Everly, Evergreen also reminds me of the surname Everdeen used in The Hunger Games trilogy.

What are your favorite winter botanical names?

May all you holiday wishes bloom,