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Call me Cal


Cal has always had a bit of a sporty sound to me probably because I associate it with baseball player Cal Ripkin Jr. Cal originated as a nickname for Calvin, which is Ripkin’s given name, but can be used for a whole slew of delightful names. Check out these 10 wonderful “Cal” names!

I first heard the name Caldeon used on Billy Zane’s character in the epic film Titanic. Caledon is a striking underused name that fits in well with many -n ending male names. Caledon is mostly likely a variation of the place name Caledonia. Less than 5 babies were named Caledon last year.

I really enjoy Native American names and Calfuray is a stunning Mapuche name meaning violet flower. Traditionally a feminine name, Calfuray pronounced kal-foo-RAW-ee, could work on either sex. Less than 5 babies were named Calfuray last year.

Calhoun is an Irish surname packed full of charm. A fun name to say, Calhoun has a bit of a cowboy-vibe. Another cool thing about Calhoun is that it means from the forest. Only 8 boys were named Calhoun last year.

Calix is one of those names I think more people would use if they knew about it. A cool way to honor an Alex or get that modern -x ending. Calix comes from a Latin name meaning chalice. Only 26 baby boys were named Calix last year.

Callahan is one of the many handsome Cal- surnames that makes for a usable yet uncommon first name. Also spelled Callaghan, this is a name with Irish roots meaning bright-headed. There were only 113 boys named Callahan and 10 boys named Callaghan last year.

If you find yourself drawn to two-syllable boys names that end in -n like Aiden, Ethan, or Mason, you may also consider Callan. A soft but handsome Gaelic name slowly rising in the charts, Callan means rock or battle. Callan currently ranks at Number 730 in popularity.

Calloway is yet another charming Irish surname that makes for a delightful first name meaning pebbly place. Calloway has a melodic and mysterious vibe. 21 boys and 6 girls were named Calloway last year.

My fellow baby name lover and friend Rebe (youtube.com/rebesharpe) has a sweet little boy named Callum Donovan. If you love names with animal meanings you’ll definitely love that Callum, which comes from Scottish roots, means dove. Callum is currently Number 701 in popularity.

Braver namers may enjoy the sophisticated and rare English name Calvert, meaning calf herder. Calvert is a great Albert alternative and of course comes with the usable nickname Cal. 6 baby boys were given the first name Calvert last year.

Let’s not overlook Calvin, the first name most people will think of when they hear the nickname “Cal.” Calvin is a Latin name meaning bald, which is a pretty fun meaning for a newborn. We’re seeing more and more little Calvin’s as it ranks at Number 148.

There’s also Calder, Caldwell, Cale, Caleb , and Pascal that have the letters Cal in them though they offer a different sound.

What’s your favorite Cal name?


Dapper Names for your little Dude


There is something quite entertaining about a little boy with a distinguished sounding name. These 10 dapper boys names have an old world charm and feel sophisticated without being too stuffy.

It doesn’t get more dapper than Clive, an English name that oozes with finesse. Actor Clive Owen has made this straight-laced name feel very usable. Clive is a rare choice in the US and was only used by 82 baby boys last year.

Felix has Latin roots and means happy or fortunate, both great meanings to bestow on your bundle of joy.  Once closesly associated with the character Felix the Cat, Felix has both a vintage vibe and a modern X ending. Felix currently ranks and Number 262.

A personal favorite of mine, at Number 135 Everett is quickly rising in popularity. The crisp T ending partnered with the adorable nicknames Ever or Rhett have given this name a boost. Everett is derived from a German name meaning brave as a boar.

My fellow name enthusiast and friend Alena J Ingle has a darling little boy named Hugh Clinton (https://www.instagram.com/hughclinton2014/). There are several notable actors with this name from Hugh Jackman to Hugh Grant to Hugh Laurie.  Hugh comes from a German name meaning intellect.  Hugh currently ranks at Number 849, a lot lower than its brother Hugo at 432.

Jazz musician Miles Davis is a great association to this elegant name choice. Miles peaked last year at 107 in popularity. An English form of the name Milo, several celebrities including Eddie Murphy, Mayim Bialik, and Susan Sarandon have used Miles for their sons.

Originally used for the fifth born child, Quentin is a Latin name that fittingly means fifth. There are very few cool names that begin with the quirky letter Q and can sound polished at the same time. Quentin may remind you of John Green’s character Quentin “Q” Jacobsen or director Quentin Tarantino. Quentin ranks at Number 483.

A stylish name that is more utilized across the pond than here in the US where it was only given to 22 boys last year. Rupert is a German form of the name Robert meaning bright fame. Actors Rupert Everett, Rupert Graves, and Rupert Grint are three household namesakes.

At 35 in popularity Sebastian is one of those names that people don’t often realize is as popular as it is.  Latin from a Greek name Sebastian means from Sebastia. Sebastian has a masculine and accomplished ring to it and lends itself to fun nicknames like Bas, Bash, Bastian, Baz, Seb, and Sebs.

Theodore is another classic name on the rise, currently ranked at Number 99. A Greek name meaning gift of God, Theodore was most popular in 1901 when Theodore Roosevelt began his term.  Tad, Ted, Teddy, and Theo are just a few of its likable nicknames.

Polished and noble, Walter is a German name meaning army ruler that ranks at Number 308.  Walt Disney (born Walter “Walt” Elias Disney), Walter “Walt” Whitman, and Walter Cronkite are three bearers of this distiniguished name.

If you like these names, you might also love some of these dashing choices:

10 Names – Not in my top 10


I recently updated my top 10 names for girls and boys (check out my youtube channel to hear more about them). There are so many great names out there that I really enjoy, but I just don’t love quite enough to use. Here are 10 names that I think are amazing, even though none of them made my top 10 list.

Audrey is an English name that means “noble strength”. It is currently #41 in the U.S. I think Audrey is so precious on a little girl. It’s a chic name that reminds me of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn.

Barrett has really grown on me this past year. Originally a German name, it fittingly means “bear strength”, and is #375 in popularity. Barrett has a slightly preppy and very crisp sound. I also love the idea of using the nickname “Bear” on a young Barrett. Barry and Rhett could also work as nicknames.

Caleb is a handsome, biblical, Hebrew name that means “devolution to God”. Pretty popular at #32 in the U.S. I’ve always preferred Caleb to Jacob. Biblical names for boys are definitely on the rise.

Cassandra is a big, beautiful, Greek name that means “prophetess”. It’s dipped quite a bit in the last 10 years and is currently #423 in the U.S. I love that this name is so grand but still very usable. The nicknames “Cas” or “Cassie” are also familiar and not overused.

An Irish name that comes from Aiden, also meaning “little fire”, Egan falls under the “names I think are fun to say” category. I love that this name isn’t a top name in the U.S., and it also isn’t hard to pronounce or spell. That said, I don’t know how usable it would be for me, given that my name is Meagan.

A Scottish name meaning “large or tall”, Grant currently holds spot #163 in popularity here in the U.S. I love how straight forward, masculine, and simple Grant is. It also works well as a middle name.

One of the many lovely variations of the name Catherine/Katherine, Katarina is Czech and means “pure”. I’ve always felt lukewarm about the name Katrina, but I think Katarina is so regal and lovely. Many familiar nicknames like Kat, Kit, and Kitty could also work for this stunning name.

Kiernan is a handsome Irish name that means “little dark one”.
I really like the name Kieran as well, but I love the repeating “n” sound at the end of Kiernan. I definitely picture this name on a slightly rebellious and very handsome man.

A popular name in Australia, Matilda is slowly gaining attention in the U.S. It’s still not to popular at #658. Originally a German name meaning “strength in battle”. Matilda used to soley remind me of the children’s book and film by the same name. I now see it as a delightful name with cute potential nicknames such as “Matty” or “Tilly”.

A literary name invented by J.M. Barrie. Wendy is falling in popularity and currently sits at #768 in the U.S. This name has definitely fallen out of fashion. I love the Peter Pan tie to Wendy, but I’ve also always thought it had a spunky and sweet sound to it. Not to mention the cool “W” initial.

Happy Name Hunting!