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❤ Alice ❤
German meaning “noble”
Classic. Royal. Literary. Whimsical

Alice is a classic and intriguing name rich with royal and literary ties. Most people associate the name Alice with the iconic character created by Lewis Carroll  in his 1871 novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Carroll’s novel was later adapted into Disney’s animated film Alice in Wonderland in 1951. Carroll’s Alice has been a muse featured in numerous artistic adaptations.

There are numerous characters outside of Carroll’s Alice in literature. Alice Cullen in the Twilight saga flipped our image of a blonde pre-teen in a ribbon to a pixie-cut-raven-haired beauty.  Alice was also the name of Neville Longbottom’s Mom in the Harry Potter series. The 1971 novel Go Ask Alice,gets its title from a lyric in Jefferson Airplane’s song White Rabbit.

Alice has German roots, possibly from an Old French name meaning noble. Queen Victoria used the moniker for her second daughter. Alice became a popular name in England and France during the 12th century and has been used by many royal families.

Celebrities have been loving and using this classic yet whimsical name as well. Writer John Green has daughter Alice Grace, actor Tom Cavanagh named his daughter Alice Ann, and comedian Tina Fey is Mom to Alice Zenobia.

❤ Sisters to Alice: Amelia, Eloise, Imogen, Josephine, Lucy

❤Brothers to Alice: August, Desmond, Henry, Luke

❤ Middle Name Suggestions: Alice Juliette, Alice Matilda, Alice Penelope, Alice Victoria, Alice Winter

❤ Names with a similar vibe to Alice: Claire, Ellis, Eve, Iris, Hazel

What do you think of the name Alice?

Six Sweet February Namesakes


February is synonymous with love and there is a lot to love about these Six Sweet February Namesakes! At the end I’ll link my previous February Namesakes articles which are packed with cultural and historic names, but today lets look at some fresh darling names for February inspiration.

The distinctively raspy voiced singer and song writer Alice Cooper celebrates his birthday on February 4th. Alice is a very classic sounding German name meaning noble. There’s the Alice in Wonderland connection, Twilight‘s Alice Cullen, and the rocker edge Cooper adds to this simple sweet name. Alice currently ranks at Number 70 in the U.S.

Eternally beautiful model and businesswoman Christie Brinkley blows out her candles on February 2nd. Brinkley definitely has a cutesy modern vibe. An English surname meaning wood clearing, Brinkley fits right in with similar trending names like Ainsley and Everley.

You know what makes the word name Cash even cooler? It’s association with legendary musician Johnny Cash born February 26th. Cash may also be a diminutive of Cassius meaning hollow. Cash is a name American’s are loving lately and currently ranks at Number 285.

The late musician Kurt Cobain was born on February 20th. While Kurt would a great name, Cobain is prime for a music-loving hispter takeover! Cobain is an Irish and Scottish surname. Surnames and two syllable names ending in “n” are definitely right on trend, could Cobain be the next big thing?

Activist,actor, and model Mia Farrow, who uses Mia as a nickname for her birth name Maria, was born February 9th. Mia is an Italian name meaning mine or a diminutive name coming from Mary meaning bitter. This sweet little three-letter name has been taking the U.S. by storm and currently ranks at Number 6 in popularity.

Actor and Producer Billy Zane was born on February 24th. While Zane’s first name William “Billy” is well loved and used, Zane is climbing the charts at Number 202 in popularity. Zane may come from the name John meaning God is gracious and certainly has a familiar sound with a fun beginning initial.

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Same name, Different country: Alice, James, Laura, & Peter

The names I picked for today’s “Same name- different country” were all inspired by beloved characters from children’s literature. Let’s take a look at some international variations of these wonderful names.

Today’s names are – Alice, James, Laura, and Peter


A German name meaning “noble”. Alice is rising in popularity and is currently #127 here in the U.S. It is also the name of the main character in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”.

A few variations of Alice include:
Ada – German, Hungarian, & Polish
Adalheidis – Old German
Adelaida – Hungarian
Adelheid – Dutch & German
Aileas – Scottish
Aleid – Dutch
Aleida – Dutch & German
Alica – Slovak
Alicia – Spanish
Alícia – Catalan
Alicja – Polish
Alida – Dutch, German, & Hungarian
Ailís – Irish
Alis – Welsh
Aliz – Hungarian
Alli – Finnish
Alisa – Finnish & Russian
Eilís – Irish
Eilish – Irish
Heida – German
Heidi – Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian, & Swedish

Which is your favorite variation of Alice?
Alice is in my top 20 names for girls, but there is something so sweet about the name Heidi. I also love the Irish variation Eilís.

A variation of the name Jacob meaning “supplanter”. James is a fairly popular name at #14 in the United States. James is the lead character in Ronald Dahl’s “James and the Giant Peach”.

A few variations of James include:
Giacobbe – Italian
Giacomo – Italian
Hamish – Scottish
Iago – Galician
Jacob – Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, & Swedish
Jacobus – Dutch & Late Roman
Jacques – French
Jago – Cornish
Jaime – Portuguese & Spanish
Jakab – Hungarian
Jakes – Basque
Jakob – Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, German, Norwegian, & Swedish
Jákob – Hungarian
Jakov – Croatian
Jakub – Czech, Polish, & Slovak
Jeppe – Danish
Kimo – Hawaiian
Séamus – Irish
Yakov – Bulgarian, Hebrew, & Russian
Yakub – Arabic

So many takes on James! Which is your favorite variation?
I’ve loved James ever since I was a little girl. My teenage crush on Jakob Dylan draws me to the Jakob spelling as well.

A Latin name meaning “bay laurel”. Laura is a classic name that is currently #280 in the U.S. It is also well known as the name of the lovable character and author, Laura Ingalls Wilder from “The Little House on the Prairie”.

A few variations of Laura include:
Lára – Icelanic
Laure – French
Laurette – French
Laurine – French
Llora – Catalan
Lora – English & Italian
Lorette – French
Lowri – Welsh

There are tons of diminutives of Laura as well – ie: Lori, Loreen, etc.

Which is your favorite variation of Laura?
I think Lára has a lovely flare.

A Greek name that means “rock”. Peter is #205 in the U.S. There are so many great Peter’s in children’s literature! Peter Pan from J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan”, “Peter Rabbit” from stories by Beatrix Potter, and Peter Pevensie from C.S.Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia”, just to name a few.

A few variations of Peter include:
Peder – Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
Pedr – Welsh
Pedro – Spanish & Portuguese
Pere – Catalan
Petar – Bulgarian, Croatian
Petras – Lithuanian
Petr – Czech
Petri – Finnish
Petro – Ukrainian
Petros – Greek
Petrus – Dutch, German
Petter – Norwegian, Swedish
Pier – Dutch
Piero – Italian
Pierre – French
Piers – English
Pieter – Dutch
Pietro – Italian
Pika – Hawaiian

Which is your favorite variation of Peter?
Piero has a smooth, romantic feel to me. I also like the Greek Petros.

Wishing you a magical week!