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Incredible -ina Names


Names that end in the letter -a often have a softer, more traditionally feminine sound. If you like names that end in the sweet -a sound, you may enjoy these ultra-feminine names that end in -ina. Many names ending in -ina have a bit of an exotic flare and lend themselves to delightful nicknames.

I grew up with a generation of teenage girls who obsessed over V.C. Andrew’s novels, and so Audrina always reminds me of the book My Sweet Audrina. Audrina may also remind you of reality TV star Audrina Partridge. With Audrey quickly rising in popularity, Audrina, which shares the same roots, its a lovely less popular alternative at Number 738.

Babies truly are little angels and so you may consider using Celestina, a Spanish and Italian name meaning heavenly, for your little angel. Celestina is a variant of Celeste and would work well to honor a Celeste or even a Tina. A melodic and ethereal name choice, only 22 little girls were named Celestina last year.

Evangelina is striking, angelic, and packed full of adorable nicknames from Angie to Evie to Lina. A Latinate variant of the Greek Evangeline, Evangelina means bearer of good news. A lovely name with a lovely meaning to bestow upon any little girl. Last year 170 girls were named Evangelina.

Georgia has been steadily rising in popularity the past few years. Why not consider her sister Georgina? Georgina is an English feminine form of George meaning farmer and was only given to 133 girls last year. Georgina Sparks is a character in the popular Gossip Girl series.

If you’re obsessed with what names celebrities are using like I am, then you’ve noticed the huge trend of James for girls. James is also on the rise for boys, currently ranked at Number 5. Jamesina is not only a fun name to say, it’s also a fun form of James, meaning supplanter. Jamesina is so rare that it was given to 5 or less girls last year.

Katarina is a stunning Czech form of Katherine meaning pure. An exotic sound yet totally usable here in the US, Katarina is a great way to honor a Kate, Kaitlin, or Katherine. You may recognize Katarina as a character name used in Dr. Who and 10 Things I Hate About You.

A poetic Latin and Shakespearean name, Marina means of the sea. If you want a name that people will recognize but isn’t overly used, then Marina fits the bill, currently ranked at Number 685. Actor Matt LeBlanc used the lovely combo Marina Pearl for his daughter.

A name on many namers guilty pleasure list, Seraphina has Latinate and Hebrew roots meaning fiery. A large and grand name, Seraphina could easily be shortened for Sera and of course then honor a Sara or Sarah. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner helped give this name some attention when they used it for their daughter. 209 girls were named Seraphina last year.

Truly a romantic choice, Valentina peaked in popularity last year when it reached spot Number 106. Valentina is a Latin feminine form of Valentine meaning strong and healthy. Selma Hayek chose the name Valentina Paloma for her daughter.

Wilhelmina is on the brink of shedding it’s formerly frumpy vibe. William which Wilhelmina shares its origins with has long been in the Top 10. Wilhelmina is made all the sweeter by the nicknames Mina, Willa, and Willie. 114 girls were named Wilhelmina last year.

Loving these -ina Names? Here are a few more to tickle your naming fancy:


What are your favorite names that end in -ina?


Honoring your first Gift


As the winter holiday season of giving is coming to a close, it’s time to find new homes for the presents we’ve received.  Some items may be returned or re-gifted, and some will stay with us.  There is one gift that we all received very early on – the gift of our name!

One of the first gifts you received upon entering the world was the gift of your name.  The instant you are given this gift, your name became a part of who you are.  It is not an easy gift to tuck away in a linen closet or under a bed.  You may like or dislike your name.  The way you feel about your name may even change over the course of your lifetime.  You may decide to change your name, or go by another name.  Even if you don’t go by your given name, the name you were gifted around the time of your birth becomes a part of your history.

Names have personal and familial significance.  For example, if your name is Lisa, but you go by “Lissy”, it is important to be acknowledged as Lissy.  “Lizzie?” “Close, it’s Lissy”.  Don’t be afraid to politely correct your name.  We all deserve to be called the name that we were given, or selected for ourselves. I’ve often witnessed people, women especially, choose not to correct people who misspell or mispronounce their name.  Are we doing this to make the other party more comfortable?

I’m pretty good with names, but often in social situations I’m quickly introduced to multiple people.  It’s understandable to forget a new name or not know that Jody doesn’t spell her name Jodie.  Jody is also not Judy.  And I hope if I accidentally called her Judy, that she’d kindly remind me it’s Jody. There are numerous tactful ways to let someone know if they’ve mispronounced or misspelled your name.

I hope that you will be proud to say your name.  It may be the name your were gifted or a name you’ve adopted, either way it is just one star in the sky of what makes you, you!

I am Meagan,