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Seven Sweet May Namesakes


Merry month of May 🌻 April showers lead to May flowers and here’s a bouquet of beautiful May names for you!

There are few artists that can go by one name alone and Adele is one of them. Singer and songwriter Adele Laurie Blue Adkins celebrates Birthday on May 5th. Adele is a French pet form of Adelaide meaning noble. Less popular than other names that lend themselves to “Addie/Addy,” Adele currently ranks at Number 789 in popularity.

Comic Actor Breckin Erin Meyer was born on May 7th. Breckin’s parents were definitely ahead of their time when they used this handsome Irish name for their son in the mid-1970’s. Breckin means speckled or freckled and is more commonly spelled Breccan.

Actor and musician Fairuza Alejandra Balk was born on May 21st. Fairuza gets her unique and exotic Persian name from her father who exclaimed “fairuza,” the Farsi word for turquoise, when he saw his daughters brilliant bright eyes.

Comedian Kenan Thompson, born May 10th, has been entertaining us since he was a child with his one-of-a-kind humor. Kenan is a smelling variation of the Irish Keenan, meaning ancient. Kenan is also a well-used name in Turkey and Bosnia.

Academy Award winner Octavia Lenora Spencer was born on May 25th. A true showstopper, Octavia is a Latin name meaning eighth. Popular in the Victorian era, Octavia is a rare gem currently ranked at Number 593.

Irish actor and producer Pierce Brendan Brosnan was born on May 16th. I love a strong, striking, one-syllable boys name. Pierce is an English name meaning son of Piers, currently ranked at Number 522. Pierce also makes for a great middle name paired with a longer first name.

Comedian and actor John C. (Christopher) Reilly celebrates his birthday on May 24th. It doesn’t get much more classic than John Christopher. Reilly makes for a great first name as well for either sex. An Irish surname, Reilly means courageous.

Eight Great April Namesakes


Spring has sprung and April is showering us with name inspiration! Check out these eight great namesakes fit for a baby born any month of the year.

Brazilian model and actor Alessandra Ambrósio was born on April 11th. Alessandra is probably best recognized as a Victoria Secret angel. A Spanish and Italian form of Alexandra, meaning defending men, Alessandra is grand, extoic, and yet totally usable at Number 313 in popularity. A great name to honor anyone from an Alexander to an Alice to an Alessia, Alessandra is a stunning name.

Actor and model Bijou Phillips, daughter of musician John Phillips, was born on April 1st. Bijou is a delightful and whimsical French name, pronounced bee-zhoo, meaning jewel. A rarely used name in the U.S. as well in France, Bijou is a brave and quirky choice.

Actor and director Clark Gregg, born Robert Clark Gregg, celebrates his birthday on April 2nd. Clark plays Agent Phil Coulson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clark is an English surname and occupational name referring to a clerk or scribe. A crisp name with an Old-Hollywood tie, Clark currently ranks at Number 380 in popularity.

English actor and Golden Globe winner Sally Hawkins blows out her Birthday candles on April 27th. Sally has been in many beloved period pieces, including Persuasion (where are my Jane Austen lovers at?). I love the wholesome sweet name Sally, but today I wanted to highlight Hawkins, familiar as a surname it makes for an unexpected first name. Hawkins is an English surname meaning Hawk, a natural nickname to a fun name choice.

Actor Hugo Weaving was born on April 4th. Hugo has portrayed multiple iconic roles from Elrond in The Lord of the Rings films to Agent Smith in the Matrix Trilogy. Hugo is a Latin form of Hugh meaning mind and intellect. Hugo may remind you of writer Victor Hugo or of Hugo Cabret in the film Hugo. Hugo is a name with many great film and literary ties. Hugo currently ranks at Number 418 in popularity.

Eddie Murphy is one of the most recognizable comedians and actors of our time. Eddie celebrates his birthday on April 3rd. Born Edward Regan Murphy, I appreciate the historic and literary ties to the classic Edward but again felt we should draw inspiration from a surname. An Irish name meaning sea warrior, Murphy is a well-loved canine name choice. A unisex name, the show Murphy Brown gave this name a nudge for the girls in the 80’s and 90’s.

Irish actress Saoirse Ronan was born April 12th. In addition to being a phenomenal actress, Saoirse has such a great name that both her first and last name made my list today. So let’s talk about the Irish surname Ronan. Ronan in addition to having a hearty Irish feel also comes with the irresistible meaning of little seal. A strong yet sweet name choice, Ronan currently ranks at Number 296 in popularity.

Saoirse Ronan helped introduce her lovely name to American audiences. Saoirse is pronounced SEER-sha or SAIR-sha depending on region and accent. Saoirse is dipping her toes in the Top 1,000, currently ranked at Number 962 in popularity. Need something else to love about this beautiful Irish name gem? Saoirse means liberty, and with that I drop the name mic. 😉

Actors with Awesome Names!


Many actors change their names, but some are born with wonderful names! In my latest name YouTube video, I talked these actors who were born with awesome names:


You can hear more about those names here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lg8_QZcLzY

Naturally, I couldn’t limit myself to just 20 stars with great names! So, here are a few more Hollywood name gems:

Avril Lavinge
Born Avril Ramona Lavinge. Both Avril and Ramona are two cool names that are sorely underused in the U.S. Neither are in the top 1,000. Avril’s siblings are Michelle and Matthew.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum
Channing and Tatum, two interesting names. Channing’s middle name is Matthew.

Heath Ledger
The late Heath Ledger definitely had a cool, strong name. I could see his surname, Ledger gain popularity in the coming years.

Judd Nelson
Judd was born Judd Asher Nelson in 1959. Doesn’t Judd Asher sound like a modern combination? I could easily see this name used on a baby born today.

Liv Tyler
I love the name Liv. Feminine, simple, and strong. Liv has three half-siblings; Mia, Chelsea, and Taj.

Muse Watson
Perfect name for an actor! The name Muse Watson is definitely a show stopper.

Neve Campbell
Neve’s first name is her mother, Marnie (Neve) Campbell’s maiden name.

Pharrell Williams
His name is even more memorable than his hat ;). Pharrell’s father has an iconic name as well, Pharaoh William.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson
Full name Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson. I definitely thought Rebel was just a stage name!

Ricki Lake
With a name like Ricki you have to wonder what she named her own kids. Ricki’s sons are Milo Sebastian & Owen Tyler.

Saffron Burrows
How could I not include this cool spice name on this list? I think the flow is really cool with her surname as well.

Sela Ward
Sela is just different enough where you wouldn’t hear it often, yet maintains a sweet softness making it unusual but usable.

Soleil Moon Frye
Clearly her parents were namers! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Soleil and husband Jason Goldberg have tree children; Poet Sienna Rose (g), Jagger Joseph Blue (g), and Lyric Sonny Roads (b).

Titus Welliver
Titus is a name I’ve seen buzzing around blogs and forums lately. Quite a bold &  striking combination.

Sisters Vera & Taissa Farmiga

Sisters Vera & Taissa Farmiga

Vera & Taissa Farmiga
These famous sisters both have cool names. Born of Ukranian parents, their siblings are named Victor, Stephan, Nadia, Alexander, and Laryssa.

Viola Davis
Ready for a family of great names? Viola is married to Julian Tennon and together they have a daughter named Genesis. Pretty cool, huh?

That’s all folks!