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8 Great Easter Names for Girls


8 lovely choices for your little honey bunny!

Anastasia is a beautiful Greek name with a Princess-worthy ring often associated with the daughter of the last Russian Czar that mysteriously disappeared. Anastasia means resurrection, could there be a more perfect meaning for an Easter baby? Fun name fact, Anastasia Termaine was the name of one of the evil stepsisters in Disney’s Cinderella.

April is a Latin month and springtime name meaning to open. Easter is more often celebrated in the month of April. Once one of the most popular month names, April is now falls behind in popularity to her sisters June, August, and May. Fun name fact, comedian Ralphie May named his daughter April May, her full name is actually April June May.

Easter is a rarely used English name derived from the name of the Greek goddess Eostre. When I think of Easter as a name I can’t help but hum the lyrics from Sheryl Crowe’s song Everyday is a Winding Road, “…he’s got a daughter he calls Easter. She was born on a Tuesday night.” Fun name fact, you could also opt for the international variation Pascale.

Evangeline is a gorgeous Greek name meanings bearer of good news. Evangeline has a great meaning and is connected to the Christian faith. Evangeline may remind you of beautiful actress Evangeline Lilly, born Nicole Evangeline Lilly. Fun name fact, Evangeline is a character in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog .

Lily is the most popular flower name with holiday ties to the demure English lily. A sweet and timeless name, Lily is also a Top Name in England, Scotland, and Wales. Fun fact, several celebrities have daughters named Lily including Chris O’Donell, Fred Savage, Johnny Depp, Kate Beckinsale, and Nicky Hilton.

Sunday is quickly becoming one of the most loved weekday names. Easter falls on Sunday, a revered holy day. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban helped bring attention to this name when they used it for their daughter in 2008. Fun name fact, only 34 little girls were given the first name Sunday last year.

Susanna is a Greek name meaning lily. A wonderful subtle connection to Easter lilies, Susanna has a wholesome and grounded sound. Susanna is sure to remind many of the song Oh, Susanna. Fun name fact, Susanna is a Biblical figure in the book of Daniel.

Una is a little Latin name with a lovely exotic flare. Una means lamb, a subtle but powerful connection to the Easter holiday. You may also like the Irish spelling, Oona. Fun name fact, actress Saoirse Ronan’s middle name is Una.

Winter Botanical Names


Tis’ the season for Winter Botanical Names!

The Christmas trees are going up and the wreaths are being hung. Nature names need not be limited to the sunny months. Here are some festive winter plant and flower names!

Holly “Dec the Halls with boughs of Holly”. Often used in holiday decor, Holly is a quintessential Christmas baby name. A shrub with glossy green leaves and bunches of small red berries that ripen in winter. This name reminds me of the character Holly Golightly played by Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Garland – Holiday garlands are often made from pine, though these decorative cords and wreaths can be made from a variety of materials.  Many Christmas trees and banisters are adorned in garlands.  As a name Garland has an old sophisticated charm. It could also honor the beautiful and legendary actress Judy Garland.

Douglas – Douglas might not seem like an obvious winter botanical name, but the Douglas fir is a popular type of Christmas tree in North America.  Named for the Scottish botanist, David Douglas, a Douglas fir was also the icon for the TV show Twin Peaks. Douglas is Scottish name used both as a first and last name, meaning “dark water”.

Amaryllis – A tall, elegant plant with a flowering bulb. Red Amaryllis are often used as holiday centerpieces. Amaryllis is an uncommon Greek flower name that means, “sparkling”.  There are many potential nicknames, such as Amy, Mary, Alice, or Ellis that may make this exotic name feel more usable.

Birch – Bare white Birch trees are evocative of winter.  Branches from these lovely trees are often used for holiday decor. Birch wood is quite strong and is used for furniture, flooring, and much more.  The name Birch fittingly has a strong and stoic sound.

Olive – Olive is a little name that has made a big comeback.  The Olive branch is a symbol of peace, forgiveness, and acceptance.  A white dove carrying an Olive branch can be seen on everything from holiday cards to tree ornaments.  The name Olive steams from a Latin name, meaning “Olive tree”.

Pine – Pine is another type of Christmas tree. The smell of Pine is often used in holiday candles and room deodorizers.  There are also numerous holiday crafts involving Pine cones.  Pine is a simple, one syllable name, more often seen as a surname.

Ivy – Ivy is a sweet, spunky plant name that is currently the most popular it’s ever been in the U.S. at #152.  Ivy leaves are symbolic of resurrection.   The Holly and the Ivy is a British Christmas carol. Beyoncé and Jay-Z choose the name Blue Ivy for their daughter.

Poinsettia – Red and green leaf Poinsettia are one of the most recognizable winter plants.  To the ancient Aztecs the Poinsettia was a symbol of purity.  Bolder than many names on this list, a Poinsettia could use cool nicknames like Etta or Tia.

Evergreen – Evergreen is a plant that keeps green leaves throughout the year, hence its name.  Evergreen is type of Christmas tree and its branches are also commonly used in holiday wreaths.  Similar to names like Everett and Everly, Evergreen also reminds me of the surname Everdeen used in The Hunger Games trilogy.

What are your favorite winter botanical names?

May all you holiday wishes bloom,