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Irish Saints Names


I’ve heard it said that we’ve all got a little Irish in us. It’s true, that many American’s have some Irish blood running through us. The month of March is home to Saint Patrick’s Day, and while Patrick makes a fine name and one we will delve into, let’s look at a total of five Irish Saint’s for lucky Name-spiration!

Saint Aidanaidan
Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne was a monk who founded a monastic chapel in Lindisfarne. St. Aiden traveled endlessly through the countryside spreading the gospel. Aidan boomed in popularity in the early 2000’s, peaking at Number 39 in 2003. Today Aidan is still well loved and used at Number 190. Alternative spelling Aiden is more popular at Number 16, while Ayden is Number 92, and Adan comes in at Number 443. Aidan is an Irish name meaning little and fiery which perfectly fits the little Aidan’s I’ve encountered.

Saint Brendanst.brendan
Saint Brendan of Clonfert is often reffered to as the “Navigator” or the “Voyager”, as he was one of the early Irish monastic saints who voyaged by sea on legendary quests. Brendan is an Irish name meaning prince that ranks right about in the middle of the Top 1,000 at Number 451. Brendan peaked in the late 1990’s but still wears well today. Actors James McAvoy and Mark Wahlberg each have sons named Brendan.

Saint BrigidSaintBrigid
Saint Brigid of Kildare is one of the patron saints of Ireland, along with Columba and Patrick. One of the first nuns, Brigid founded many monasteries and is also the patron saint of scholars. Brigid is a variation of the Irish fire goddess name Brighid meaning strength or exaulted one. The alternative spelling, Bridget became popular in the early 1970’s and currently ranks at Number 594. Brigid or Bridget also lends itself to many fun, quirky nicknames, like Biddy or Birdie.

Saint Columbacolumba
Saint Columba, one of the three patron saints of Ireland, was an abbot and a missionary who is credited with spreading Christianity to what is modern day Scotland. Saint Columba was male, with a Latin name meaning dove. The Irish translation Colm and Scottish translation Callum make for handsome alternatives and ways to honor St. Columba. Columba as never ranked in the US Top 1,000 for either sex, though I think it would work well for a girl.

Saint Patricksaintpatrick
The most popular patron saint of Ireland, St.Patrick is one of the world’s most recognizable saints. A Romano-British missionary he is credited with converting Ireland to Christianity. Patrick has become a quintessential Irish name though like St. Patrick himself, Patrick is of Latin origins and means noble or patrician. Patrick peaked in 1968 and was a Top 50 name from 1948-1997. Today Patrick ranks at Number 170 and is one I commonly see in the middle name spot.

What are your favorite Irish Saints Names?


4 – #Namemas Countdown: Kevin


Welcome to #Namemas, a collaborative name celebration and Christmas Countdown.

On the 4th day of Namemas TulipbyAnyName gave to me the baby name Kevin

Kevin McCallister is the mischivious main character in the Home Alone films.

Kevin is a popular anglicized Irish name meaning handsome or kind – two very nice meanings! Chances are you know a Kevin or two.  Currently ranked at Number 79, Kevin has been a Top 100 name in the US since 1949. Kevin has long been a popular name choice amongst Irish American’s, in part due to Saint Kevin, one the patron Saint’s of Dublin.  John McEnore and Tatum O’Neal have a son named Kevin, as does Jimmy Kimmel.

What do you think of the name Kevin? Hear my thoughts below:

Names of the Week – Adelaide & Sullivan


The Names of the Week are Adelaide & Sullivan


Adelaide is a German name coming from Adalheidis or Adelheid, meaning noble.  Quite a few female names beginning in “Ad” that lend themselves to the nickname Addie/Addy are rising in popularity. Adelaide is currently #316 in popularity for girls in the U.S.

A few places you may have heard the name Adelaide…
* Madame Adelaide – character in the musical Guys and Dolls
* Adelaide – character in Disney’s The Aristocats
* Adelaide –  the capital city of South Australia

Alternative Spellings – Adalaide, Adélaïde

A few Nickname ideas – Addie/Addy, Ada, Dell, Della, Dellie, Laidey

A few middle name ideas for the name Adelaide:
Adelaide Cosette
Adelaide Willow
Adelaide Miri
Adelaide Hollis
Adelaide Jolie
Adeliade Catrina

If you like the name Adelaide, you may also like..
Addison, Adeline, Adele, Adelina, Ada, or Abilene.

Madame Adelaide from Aristocats & "Sully" from Monsters Inc.

Madame Adelaide from Aristocats &
“Sully” from Monsters Inc.


Sullivan is an Irish surname coming from the name Ó Súilleabháin meaning dark or black eyed one.  Irish names and surnames are well loved in North America.  Sullivan is currently #463 for boys in the United States.

A few places you may have heard the name Sullivan…
* James “Sully” Sullivan – character in Monsters Inc.
* Sullivan Sweeten – actor
* Arthur Sullivan – composer

Alternative Spellings – Sullavan, Suillivan

A few Nickname ideas – Sully, Van

A few middle name ideas for the name Sullivan:
Sullivan Wolf
Sullivan Graham
Sullivan Eli
Sullivan Finley
Sullivan Atticus
Sullivan Patrick (son of Patrick Dempsey)

If you like the name Sullivan, you may also like..
Donovan, Tiernan, Brennan, Doyle, Kelly, or Finnegan

What do you think of the names Adelaide & Sullivan?

Happy Monday,