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Call me Cal


Cal has always had a bit of a sporty sound to me probably because I associate it with baseball player Cal Ripkin Jr. Cal originated as a nickname for Calvin, which is Ripkin’s given name, but can be used for a whole slew of delightful names. Check out these 10 wonderful “Cal” names!

I first heard the name Caldeon used on Billy Zane’s character in the epic film Titanic. Caledon is a striking underused name that fits in well with many -n ending male names. Caledon is mostly likely a variation of the place name Caledonia. Less than 5 babies were named Caledon last year.

I really enjoy Native American names and Calfuray is a stunning Mapuche name meaning violet flower. Traditionally a feminine name, Calfuray pronounced kal-foo-RAW-ee, could work on either sex. Less than 5 babies were named Calfuray last year.

Calhoun is an Irish surname packed full of charm. A fun name to say, Calhoun has a bit of a cowboy-vibe. Another cool thing about Calhoun is that it means from the forest. Only 8 boys were named Calhoun last year.

Calix is one of those names I think more people would use if they knew about it. A cool way to honor an Alex or get that modern -x ending. Calix comes from a Latin name meaning chalice. Only 26 baby boys were named Calix last year.

Callahan is one of the many handsome Cal- surnames that makes for a usable yet uncommon first name. Also spelled Callaghan, this is a name with Irish roots meaning bright-headed. There were only 113 boys named Callahan and 10 boys named Callaghan last year.

If you find yourself drawn to two-syllable boys names that end in -n like Aiden, Ethan, or Mason, you may also consider Callan. A soft but handsome Gaelic name slowly rising in the charts, Callan means rock or battle. Callan currently ranks at Number 730 in popularity.

Calloway is yet another charming Irish surname that makes for a delightful first name meaning pebbly place. Calloway has a melodic and mysterious vibe. 21 boys and 6 girls were named Calloway last year.

My fellow baby name lover and friend Rebe (youtube.com/rebesharpe) has a sweet little boy named Callum Donovan. If you love names with animal meanings you’ll definitely love that Callum, which comes from Scottish roots, means dove. Callum is currently Number 701 in popularity.

Braver namers may enjoy the sophisticated and rare English name Calvert, meaning calf herder. Calvert is a great Albert alternative and of course comes with the usable nickname Cal. 6 baby boys were given the first name Calvert last year.

Let’s not overlook Calvin, the first name most people will think of when they hear the nickname “Cal.” Calvin is a Latin name meaning bald, which is a pretty fun meaning for a newborn. We’re seeing more and more little Calvin’s as it ranks at Number 148.

There’s also Calder, Caldwell, Cale, Caleb , and Pascal that have the letters Cal in them though they offer a different sound.

What’s your favorite Cal name?


4 – #Namemas Countdown: Kevin


Welcome to #Namemas, a collaborative name celebration and Christmas Countdown.

On the 4th day of Namemas TulipbyAnyName gave to me the baby name Kevin

Kevin McCallister is the mischivious main character in the Home Alone films.

Kevin is a popular anglicized Irish name meaning handsome or kind – two very nice meanings! Chances are you know a Kevin or two.  Currently ranked at Number 79, Kevin has been a Top 100 name in the US since 1949. Kevin has long been a popular name choice amongst Irish American’s, in part due to Saint Kevin, one the patron Saint’s of Dublin.  John McEnore and Tatum O’Neal have a son named Kevin, as does Jimmy Kimmel.

What do you think of the name Kevin? Hear my thoughts below:

Everyone loves an Irish Baby Name!


Irish names have a wonderful mix of warmth, mystery, and history to them. At the end of this post I’ll include a video of some of my favorite Irish names. But who can limit themselves to just 20 Irish names? Not this lady. Here are even more Irish names that I enjoy!

(Ashling, Aislin, Aislinn) Pronounced: ASH-ling. Alternative Pronounciation: ASH-lynn
A “dream” or a “vision”
A great alternative to Ashley.

(Enya, Eitna) Pronounced: EN-ya
A “kernal” or a “seed”
This name may remind you of the singer, Enya.

Pronounced: MAYV
Mean “cause of great joy” and “intoxicating”
Maeve Binchy wrote “Circle of Friends” and many other great stories.

Pronounced: SEER-sha
“Freedom” & “Liberty” – quite a strong meaning
The name of the lovely young actress, Saorise Ronan.

(Shavon, Chevonne) Pronounced: shi-VAWN
“God is gracious”
I’ve actually met quite a few women named Siobhan here in the U.S.

(Kieran, Keiran) Pronounced: KEER-awn. Alternative Pronunciation: Keer-in
“Dark” as in having dark hair or eyes.
The Kieran spelling is the most popular spelling of this name in the U.S.

(Malaki) Pronounced: Mal-e-kie. Alternative Pronunciation: Mal-a-khi
* Hebrew in orgin
“Angel” or “Messenger of God”
Name used in “Children of the Corn”

(Riley) Pronounced: Rye-lee
Possibly meaning “courageous”
A surname and unisex name.

Pronounced: shay-muss
The Irish form of the name James, meaning ‘suplanter”
A strong Irish name.

(Shawn, Shaun) Pronounced: Shawn
The Irish form of the name John, meaning “God is gracious”
Sean is my the name of my younger brother. It was my father’s favorite name growing up.

You can hear me chat about my favorite Irish names here:

Éirinn go Brách
~ Meagan